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Hello :)

Thanks for visiting my Journal.

You will find posts here which summarise the latest position on the following 14 research strands:

  1. Archie UK Price Variants
  2. Charlton UK Price Variants
  3. DC UK Price Variants
  4. Dell UK Price Variants
  5. Gold Key UK Price Variants
  6. King UK Price Variants
  7. Marvel UK Price Variants
  8. Charlton Canadian Price Variants
  9. Charlton 15c Price Variants
  10. Marvel Australian Price Variants
  11. Marvel L Miller UK Indicia Variants
  12. Marvel 1999/2000 US Newsstand Price Variants
  13. Marvel Thorpe & Porter Indicias
  14. Marvel US Price Font Variations

Each summary post has a hyperlink to the discussion threads in which you will find a lot more detail if you are interested. 




UK Price Variants

There are 7 known US Publishers who produced UK Price Variants and here are the up to date totals as at 03/02/20:

  1. Archie UK Price Variants - 24 confirmed issues
  2. Charlton UK Price Variants - 484 confirmed issues
  3. DC UK Price Variants - 840 confirmed issues (believed to be complete)
  4. Dell UK Price Variants - 215 confirmed issues
  5. Gold Key UK Price Variants - 120 confirmed issues
  6. King UK Price Variants - 21 confirmed issues
  7. Marvel UK Price Variants - 3,020 confirmed issues (believed to be complete)

That makes a total of 4,724 confirmed UK Price Variants

I have other research strands ongoing and may add those to the journal at some point.

Thanks for looking and be seeing you... 


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