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The Crimebusters #2 - fully funded! So what happens now?



I'm excited to announce that after just 48 hours, the second issue of The Crimebusters is now fully funded! Hurray!

The campaign still has 29 days left to go, though, which means stretch goals! These are cool bonus rewards that are unlocked when we hit higher goal levels. 

The question is, what kind of rewards do you guys want to get? The first will likely be some free prints, and later on I may do more trading cards, because I want those for myself! But if anyone has any ideas about cool stuff you want to see as rewards, please let me know! If it's something I can pull off logistically, I'll do it!

Thanks again for all the support!

Here's the link again for those who missed it before: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thecrimebusters/the-crimebusters-1-2-supernatural-mystery-adventure-awaits/




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