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Eerie 53

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john ivic


Won this in the recent Heritage auction. Also put in a bid for issue 77, but no luck there as I was outbid at the last moment. This one is insanely tough to find. The only other one I ever came across for sale was a 9.0 on ebay a little while ago. I wanted this one primarily because it features art work by Neal Adams, one of the last Warren magazines he worked on. Part of the Don Rosa pedigree collection.


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Nice score!

I've noticed that Eerie magazines from this time period (the Bill DuBay era, which ran from about Nov. 1972 - March of 1976) can be tougher to find in high grade due to the increased page counts, which seem to contribute to more frequent spine problems...:preach:

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Sweet book for sure. As the king of the Jungle above stated they seem to be tough in grade for this time period. 

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