Having Fun Again...

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Having Fun Again




In the Pursuit of Happiness



One of my first goals collecting CGC graded comic books was to get a full set of New Mutants in a 9.8. By the way, the set is still highly undervalued in the points area.  They even added the additional prints of the Marvel Graphic Novel, also undervalued. When CGC first added the Custom sets I immediately added a few…and then left them there.  As we all have some extra time I started to spring clean by deleting extra sets and comic books I no longer have.


The two sets I still have under the custom category are for my Birthday books and my point five collection.  With the new registry set award coming closer I decided I would work on one of my sets. As much as I would love to win again for my New Mutants set…I am having more fun with my custom set. I currently have fifty logged and loaded. For each one of them I plan on having a small synopsis written out for them, including photographs of the front and back covers.


I just finished photographing all the front and rear covers…or in some instance rear back pages since the back cover was missing. I had to look twice on one book with another because one book’s (Hawkman #1) back page matched the others rear cover (Green Lantern #21).  Collecting these .5’s give me the chance to go after comic books I would never normally go after or even give me cheaper alternatives to books I other wise couldn’t afford.  I hope you give the set a look, especially when I am done with it.


Thanks for Reading



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