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back issue haul, and the bizarre story behind Samuel R. Delany's cancelled Wonder Woman run



Hello, friends! I've made a couple new videos I thought you might enjoy.


First, here's a look at the revolutionary storyline science fiction grandmaster Samuel R. Delany had planned for Wonder Woman, and how it got abruptly cancelled by DC after just one issue thanks to some very unexpected and highly ironic political interference:


And here's a look at some of the back issues I've been buying as retail therapy during the quarantine. This is part one of what looks like could be an infinite part series, as I've got a ton of other books still en route from ebay and the boards here:




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This book seems to be getting very hot. A CGC 9.6 ended up with a winning bid of $457 in the Comic Link auction last night. I may have to add it to my want list. A couple of 9.4s on ebay at the moment are going for roughly $275 each. Must admit I love this cover, the women's lib contradiction notwithstanding.

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