Two More Updates!

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My DC Bicentennial set seemed destined to be stuck at 3,027 points. I have only seen two CGC 9.8 copies that I needed for my set that were on sale at eBay but they were very expensive $$$$.

However, one of them recently dropped in price almost by half and I had to jump on it. Snatched up The Joker 8 CGC 9.8 (White Pages!) and was pleased as punch ^^

Then, while looking through the registry for how many 9.8 copies of each issue that I needed to upgrade were available, I found out that 5 of the issues in my set did not have any 9.8 graded copies! I did a quick search and found out that there was a CGC 9.6 copy of Action Comics #461 for sale and it had White Pages! Bought it and now I have the highest-graded copy of that issue in my set!

It's always nice to upgrade something in my set :)

Action Comics 461 9.6.jpg

Joker 8.gif

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