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CGC Unboxing with some special guests. :)

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It was quite the learning experience this year when I decided to start slabbing some of my older books and then taking a stab a prepping comic books for signings. As of now, I have about 26 books slabbed and that was all I was gonna do this year.   Then came that big signing thing sometime in October/November as well as that Geoff John's and company signing in January.  The end result, my budget on slabbing is gonna be hitting the ceiling.  It's time like this where it would be awesome to win lottery, that way I would get Mr. Dan Jurgens, Peter David, Howard Porter, Mrs. Louise Simonson, Keith Griffen, J.M DeMatteis to sign "EVERY SINGLE ISSUE" of their work that I have in my collection....sigh....only a dream.  Frustrating part is sending enough to make up for shipping costs coming back...Sigh




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