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It's amazing what happens when you expand your vision — you see so much more!

My main goal with my only CGC Registry set "DC Bicentennial Comics" was to collect all 33 comics graded at no less than 9.0. It took over a decade but I finally succeeded 3 years ago (yay!). 

My next, and ultimate, goal is to have each 1976 issue at 9.8 with White Pages. Of the 33 comics in the list, I've managed to get 14 in that state with 3 others also in 9.8 but with Off-White to White Pages. Of the remaining 16 titles, 5 do not have any 9.8 graded copies by CGC but I did grab 2 of them in their highest-graded 9.6 (both with White Pages). So far, I have 8 graded @ 9.6, 5 @ 9.4, and 3 @ 9.0.

Quite a while back, there was a CGC 9.8 WP of Blitzkrieg #4 but the bidding ended at over $300 (too much for me to afford at that time) so I gave up ever seeing that copy again. But now, after figuring out that I don't really need to have 9.8 copies right away, there was a Blitzkrieg #4 CGC 9.6 WP (with an old school CGC label) on eBay for only $76! Scooping up this comic, which upgrades my entry from 9.4 to 9.6, was worth an additional 50 points and my total is now at 3,202. 

(Meanwhile, there are two CGC 9.8 WP copies of Batman Family #6 available on eBay but both are over $1K so way out of my price range!) 

I doubt I will ever accomplish my ultimate goal of all CGC 9.8 WP but this is a fun journey nonetheless and I wait patiently for my next upgrade.

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