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Sadly only sent 10 books for signature signings for that big October shingding.

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After looking at the state of the Canadian dollar exchange rate at the time of prepping for signatures, I had to take Mrs. Louise Simonson off my wish list. :(  Getting her signature on the first 3 issues of Superman: Man of Steel would have been awesome.    Not long after sending the package of books, I find out now that Mr. Chuck Dixon, who I enjoyed his Bird of Prey run and Mr. Rags Morales, who I enjoyed his art during his run on Hourman will be signing sometime in December.......I've mapped out 3 books for each of them but if I send another box down there....then there will be less books for Johns/Fabok/Finch/Anderson to sign when they come around late december/early January  :( :( :( :(   I blame all these Shenanigans on the Pandemic!!!!!!!      Long wait begins now!!!!!!....


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