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Signature Signing from writer Peter David.

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It has been awhile because of the waiting period for slabs to come back and finally getting around to posting the video of the unboxing. In this video I shared my experience with my oldest niece and nephew cause they hardly read comic books but now they know the process of preserving somewhat old books.  When I'm an elder, I will be asking them to do the job for me.  :)  This is the first set of books that have come back, the Dan Jurgens books are currently at the Grading stage and the ones from Howard Porter are still at the "Receiving stage".  Sadly I could not send books down to CGC for those Johns,Fabok and Anderson signings, cause of the Canadian dollar exchange rate....with everything going on because of this freakin pandemic I have to wait till fall to see if my wallet can send any more books down to CGC this year..... so just 2 more videos of unboxing coming down the line. 


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