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Moon Of The Wolf

john ivic


Won this yesterday in the recent Pedigree Comics auction. A common theme in DC and Marvel comics during the 1970s was horror. Here we have an awesome example of the genre written by Len Wein and drawn by Neal Adams. Personally, I'm not a fan of covers with multiple panels, like this one. But that was par for the course with these DC 100 page super spectaculars. Now, if this had been a 20 cent issue, with the Adams artwork donning the entire cover, it would probably rank as my favorite on the Batman title.



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Nice post @john ivic!

You raised an excellent point about "horror" being a common theme in both DC and Marvel titles during the 1970's!

My current collecting focus is primarily acquiring high-grade examples of all the 1st appearance issues with the Amazing Spider-Man title from issues #1 - #400!

With that said and in relation to your topic, two books around this time period really stick out for me; ASM #101 (1st appearance of Morbius), published in October of 1971 and ASM #124 (1st appearance of the Man-Wolf), published in September of 1973! With these ASM issues, we have both a "vampire" and a "werewolf" theme happening in Marvel's flagship title!

Therefore, the horror theme was definitely highly popular in the 1970's!

Congrats on your new acquisition! (My next journal will be on my ASM #124 CGC 9.8 WP!)

-Professor Pecora

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