How did I start collecting Moderns?



Bronze Age collector gets sucked into great Zombie series.

A few years ago, I admit...I collected all of the Ultimate titles...but I didn't really enjoy or even read the titles. This's different.

Thanks to the CGC Boards, I've been sucked into a popular series of Zombie survival. With all of the Zombie craze lately, you might think I'm referring to Marvel Zombies or some of the other short lived mini series. Nope, I'm talking about The Walking Dead...

In short, I purchased the TPBs and read them all within a couple of days, and I was hooked. It's very difficult waiting for the next issue but the current arc "No one is safe" is proving why this title is on the top of the charts.

As a result, I've started to colllect high grade examples of this series, and I recently snagged a #1. Because I'm not particularly a rabid fan of the Signature Series, I doubt I'll ever hold top spot in the Registry but it matters not.

If you haven't checked out this series, do it today! You will not be disappointed!




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