Incredible Hulk 172 CGC 9.6



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What can I say? I love high grade Marvel comics from the 1970's featuring guest appearances of my favorite characters and GREAT covers like this! Hulk #172 CGC 9.6= $200. Hulk and Juggernaut smashing through a wall together causing untold amounts of destruction= priceless. This is what comic book collecting should be!

Sure, if you're lucky you can find a Hulk #181 CGC 5.0 for around the same price, but keep in mind there are currently 2976 copies of that book on record at that grade or higher (according to the CGC census). Conversely, there are only 25 copies listed of Hulk #172 in CGC 9.6 or higher. To get an idea of the rarity factor, do a search on eBay for Hulk 181 CGC and Hulk 172 CGC and see how many you can find of each. I'm not saying Hulk #181 isn't a great book, I've got a CGC 8.0 copy myself, but in terms of collectibility my money's on the book that has everything going for it (rarity due to condition, rarity due to age, limited availabilty, great cover and a high action crossover featuring my favorite characters).

On a completely unrelated Phoenix Suns traded Shawn Marion for Shaq. I will have to take the high road like everyone else and reserve judgment on that one, but a championship would be nice! Go Suns!





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