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Too close to #1



...so I sent my LADY DEATH's in!

I keep looking at those empty spaces in my registry, and it just bugs the hell out of me. I had (yes, past tense) the comics for grading, but one thing or another prevented me from actually sending them out (alright, it was the wife) BUT APART FROM THAT, I started adding up some possible registry points, and realized that I'm not too far off from getting #1 in the Lady Death set. Yes, I'll have to claim temporary insanity and sell some things later, but, well, you all understand, right? Then I had some MONSTER MADNESS by Stan Lee that were calling me to send them in too! Well heck, I already have #1 issue in that, and I have a blank space for #1. So the comic (and a spare #3) got sent in with my Lady. Needless to say it was a $250 temporary insanity session that I had.

If you don't see another post in here after the comics get graded (say by the end of the month) then you'll know that I've been banned from the internet..........



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