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The feeling is like a peak of a rollercoaster



...and now time for the ride!

I tell ya, it's something to attain #1 over the years of collecting, especially with a series that has more than 4 issues and a vast of varients. It was a learning experience, and expensive one also. MARVEL MADNESS, your a great person, and thank you for your offers on comics on LADY DEATH. You unknownly set a goal for me, and I attained that goal. It's funny, I finish up my collection just as I finish up my career in the Air Force. All the best to you and yours.

Now I get to spend the next 20 years looking at it. Hopefully now I won't frequent Ebay so much. I know that won't happen....I still have 6 cents to get on my 1971 proof set, and that will take a paycheck or two...God knows that I will never get #1 out of that one, unless I win the lottery.

Have a great day! Enjoy your collections



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