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Crom Conan Statue Finished

Entry posted by STORMSHADOW_80 · - 2,530 views

For my entry in the journals here is my latest project. Conan 1 statue. I got this kit for my birthday a few months ago and recently have been doing some rearranging of my glass display cases so I figured I might as well start building this guy.

A little background. I first saw this statue on an interview with Roy Thomas. I was like oh my I have to have it to display with my book. A little research and I found out it is a resin kit. A little bummed I have to build it but I'm up to the challenge and I'm sure it will be rewarding. My progress so far is I've taken everything out, dry fitted it, and cleaned it. I'm going to stop by in a little bit to pick up some putty for a couple touch up spots and then primer it hopefully after work tonight.


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On 8/17/2017 at 8:21 PM, shadroch said:


Fantastic.    Much as I'd love one, I would never ever be able to do that.

Great workshop, by the way.

Thanks Shadroch. Sorry for the delayed response. I haven't checked this journal in a while. Honestly I would have paid up some to just buy one of these but they only made them in kits.

I've been slacking but I have started the war machine statue. I added custom lighting to it and mainly just need to work on the painting now. My goal is to have that done within the next couple of weeks so I can put it with my Punisher display since Frank will be the new war machine in the book that comes out.

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8 hours ago, Lucky Baru said:

Thanks for sharing that.  Very NICE!

You're very welcome! Thanks for checking it out. Much appreciated (thumbsu

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On 11/23/2017 at 7:14 AM, Brando- said:

This was a great journal thread! Many thanks to Crom! Congratulations!

Thank you! Sorry for the late reply :smile:

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