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Lessons Learned in Packaging



Small box = big problem

Received a note from CGC's Eric Dowtown last October 20, letting me know that my last submission received some damage during the course of being shipped to CGC.

Turns out my packing had been too tight, with the box and support boards being too small/ too close to the size of the bagged/boarded books I'd sent (which hadnt been issues with my previous 2 submissions). Mental note: will place them in a large, fully padded plastic tupperware container next time. Heeheehee.

Terrible news (and what a way to start my day), though hard lesson learned for me, and frankly I'm glad CGC took the effort to apprise me of the issue, and gave me the choice of getting the books shipped back ungraded which I'd opted not to take. Excellent customer service, kudos to CGC.

Now, if only they can bring down their grading prices a bit...or speed up the whole grading process somehow...or...BOTH!!!



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