Edging Closer!!



10 to go! Come on Registry Awards!!!!

It's been a while since I've done one of these so here goes.

I've been ever watchful for my beloved New Mutants issues and I've been slowly edging my way closer to my goal (all of them, of course!). I recently was able to get my hands on only the second copy of #51 to achieve 9.8 WP status! I am now only 10 issues away from the complete run!

I was also going to put story summaries of each of the issues onto my descriptions. I started out quick with the first 6 but have since been entirely too busy to focus on it lately. I intend to rectify that soon and get back on it, so stay tuned.

Since I am down to the wire on those, I don't see needed copies show up very often, so I have been getting other comics that interest me or that I am also trying to eventually get full runs of.

My Booster Gold(1986) set has a great start at 11 of the 25 issues. These are nearly impossible to find so it will probably take quite some time to get the other 14.

My Dazzler set also has a great start at 17 issues. I am currently #2 on these behind HITMAN1099, but I plan on breaking past him eventually. I wish I could have done it before this round of registry awards but alas, no. I do have some of the much harder to find later issues in this series.

My Further Adventures of Indiana Jones set is slow go right now but this series was the second one I started getting when I first got into comics, so I will continue to be vigilant in my search for these elusive issues! There are some on Ebay but they are just too much $ for my taste.

Warlord is a recent addition to my set building. I have always been a big fan of fantasy art, and just the covers of these issues alone have always interested me. I cant be too picky on a lot of these right now because many of them do not exist in 9.8, especially some of the early ones, but I am on the lookout for top grades on these. I have managed to get #82 and Annual #1 both in 9.9!!

Marvel Fanfare is another one I'm working on. I really like these because of the CGC case's ability to show the full artwork of the front and back covers. This is another set that I hope to grab the top spot away from HITMAN1099. These too, however, can be very elusive.

Most of all, folks, like many of you I am a lover of comic art and uniqueness. It doesn't have to be a series I'm wanting all of, but if it's a one-of-a-kind find then I'm all for trying to get it. Items like my Groo the Wanderer #3, Master of Kung Fu #69 SS, Richie Rich Millions #18, and all my difficult to replace SS issues are like landmarks to me every time I get one. I love this hobby!

I also love being able to see what all of you have accomplished in your endeavors. It inspires me to keep pushing my collecting to new limits. Take the time and make an effort to properly catalog your comics with photos and descriptions. It helps others to really SEE what can be achieved with perseverance. Not to mention help you towards one of those Best Presented Set registry awards!

Speaking of which, the registry awards are almost here, and I hope to have 5 or 6 top ranks by then. Wish me luck and good luck to each and every one of you out there with the same passion as me!



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