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Visit the "Official 2017 CGC Chat Boards Holiday Gift Exchange Sign-Up Thread" for all the details.

But clicking is a lot of work, so for those interested, the details can be found below.

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Welcome to the 2017 CGC Chat Boards Gift Exchange

For those who are new to the Program or otherwise have a very bad memory, the idea is simple. Basically you will give a gift to a fellow board member, and also receive a gift yourself from a different boardie. This way, each person will get to interact with two fellow boardies in the Gift Exchange Program. It does not matter what seasonal Holiday you celebrate, what creed or religion you claim, this Gift Exchange is more about giving and getting a gift than celebrating a specific holiday. We are celebrating comics and our community. Times may currently be tough for some, but it is worth pausing to recognize the importance the CGC community brings to each of you.

Some Details on the Gift Exchange Program

  • How much should my gift be for? Up to you. There are people that send gifts that have values that are all over the place. $15-20? Sure. $50-$100? Sure. You are certainly welcome to send more expensive gifts, but the gift should be worth at least $15. Lots of people just give something from their own collection, so the cost is negligible.

  • Does my gift have to be new? No

  • Does it have to be comic related? Yes

  • Am I supposed to sign who my gift was from? Yes, you should - your identity is only secret till they open their gift.

  • Do I have to wrap my gift in a Holiday fashion? Yes. Extra points for wrapping it in the Sunday Comics

  • Am I supposed to wait until Christmas to open my gift? Yes, unless you celebrate another holiday in which case, follow your traditional holiday gift opening program

  • How will I know who I am Santa for? You will receive a PM your recipients details once sign up is over.

  • When is sign up over? Friday, November 24th at 11pm (ET).
    PMs with your Secret Santa information will be sent out over the weekend. Everyone who signs up will have their PM by Sunday night (11/26).

  • What if I miss sign up but want to participate? PM me, we will try to work something out.

  • What if I never receive my gift? There will be people who will be assigned as a back up Santa. Everyone who signs up will get a gift... sooner or later.

  • Who is eligible to participate? You are eligible if you registered for the CGC boards before November 9th, 2016 and/or have a post count of at least 150 by November 9, 2017, provided that you are a member in good standing with the community, i.e., not on the CGC Chat Board Marketplace Probation List.
    (This way, those who have become active members of the CGC Chat Boards after the change in Feb. 2016 may still participate.)

  • What and when is the Holiday raffle? People will be donating comic related prizes that will be given away after the Holiday is over in a blind drawing. More details about that will be in another thread.

Participating in the exchange does not automatically enter you into the raffle. Anyone who wants to be part of the raffle must donate an item. This assures everyone who joins is guaranteed to receive a prize. If you don't join in with the gift exchange, but would still like to join in with the raffle, just donate a prize to the raffle and you'll be entered. Not participating in the gift exchange? Not donating a prize for the raffle? That's okay, as well
If you decide, after submitting the form, that you would like to donate something simply bump our PM.

The rules are simple, but need to be followed to make sure everyone who signs up gets a present by Christmas. If you sign up, please follow through and don't wait until after the fact to fulfill your duties. :sumo:

To officially "sign-up" Fill out the questions below then PM this info (cut and paste fashion) to me... HollyJollyOne <---- linked here 


**Please make sure to create the PM with your BOARD NAME AND 2017 as the title.**

CGC Board name:

Real name:

Mailing address:

Collecting preferences (what you might like to receive):

Who were you Santa for last year:

Who was your Santa last year:

Would you be willing to ship to board members outside the United States?

Do you live outside the United States? If yes, what's the fastest way for your Santa to ship to you?:

Would you like to participate in the CGC Holiday Raffle?

What is that Raffle Gift? (description and/or url with a link to the item)

Would you be willing to be a back up Santa in case some cannot follow through?


And that's all there is to it!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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