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  2. Yes from my phone. Thank god it's not just me.
  3. Asking $150. No photo of the back cover because its just a blank slate. Maybe you want to add a sketch to the back too?
  4. 45 degrees, wet and foggy this morning but the sharks were swimming! I saw NO old comics or pulps but went home real happy. Got a real rare, large political pin for my collection and some other cool stuff.
  5. Yes from my phone. Thank god it's not just me.
  6. The Classics wrack was higher than some sold at Hakes and lower than others. The others definitely seemed cheap to me.
  7. Up for sale is a Ken Haeser sketch that I nabbed several years ago which recreates one of my favorite Wolverine covers ever, Wolverine 8, which features our hero and the Hulk decked out like waiters. The sketch was done on a blank cover variant of Wolverine (2010) #1. Necessities: Payment: In addition to PayPal, I will also accept check/money order/Zelle, though the book will be held until clearance. Payment due within 10 business days. Shipping (domestic): USPS insured priority. Shipping cost is included in the book's price. International Shipping - at cost, minus the domestic shipping cost. Please inquire first for accurate pricing. Returns: No returns on CGC graded books unless I make an error in the listing or fail to disclose a problem. If by chance the USPS goes above and beyond to defeat my packaging and the slab is damaged in transit, prior to doing ANYTHING ELSE, save all the packing material and contact me. USPS regulations have been beefed up to require the packing material being available for inspection (pictures suffice based on experience) in order to file a proper insurance claim. On the HoS? Don't bother. Probation list? Message me first and we'll talk about your situation, but don't be overly optimistic. Can provide board references if needed (no name dropping here), and nearing 1700 positive eBay feedback as well -- Price and pictures below. First wins outright, offers by PM always welcome..
  8. from bleeding cool Former Manager-Editorial Operations and Senior Editor at DC, Robert Greenberger confirmed that DC would bind six copies of every title, three copies for the general circulation library while three were tucked away for posterity. Noted comics creator and historian Mark Evanier noted that copies had been stolen from the archive at various points, but copies were purchased to replace them – and that at one point DC Comics has a full library, three times over, of everything they’d published. from Detective Comics #1 up.
  9. I've been having issues on my phone all day but desktop loads fine.
  10. I agree with you, it's one thing to buy a double of a 10 cent or 12 cent book, even back in those days, and put it away without being read, and another thing completely to pay $50 in 1987 (which was a lot of money) for a game that would never be played. So are these unopened games really games purchased by retail buyers who were wealthy and farsighted enough to buy them purely for collecting purposes? Or are these the equivalent of file copies that were never sold but are coming out of unsold inventory, which is why they were never opened? And how do we know that they're not counterfeit, if they're not opened and played to check for authenticity?
  11. Been loading fine for me today
  12. You state Marvel was selling the artwork. I've never heard that before. I know they'd occasionally give away a page now and then but can you show where Marvel was selling it?
  13. That is all for tonight. Next time I will be back, sometime Tuesday with some new books to start.
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