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  2. I very very rarely am offered a collection to look at, but today I get to look at one. It'll all be Silver and I think it's about 13 long boxes. The guy I'm buying from has spent a decade going thru his dad's storage units scattered all over the country. I bought a bunch of Marvel Key Silver from him about a decade ago (Hulk 1, Xmen 1, TTA 27) so I know there's good stuff in the mix. Most in the 6.0-8.5 range. He (luckily) kept my number from all those years ago and gave me a call yesterday because he just opened another unit and found more comics (how these units have been kept current on payments I have no idea). When I bought from this guy years ago it was a slow process, usually with me only getting 20 comics at a time, mostly because his wife wouldn't let him sell them all at once. I bought from him over a year until the comics ran out. But he told me that sooner or later he expected to open another unit and see more comics because his dad loved comics. I'm going to try to pitch to him to sell them all to me this time in one fell swoop. Do any of you pros have a good method you use to value large runs of comics. I want to give the guy a great price that he'll be happy with, but obviously I want to be able to make my money back and still have a nice collection of comics.
  3. I'd like to know what the process is for verifying the info being added to the that. In the early stages of this app, I believe it was over on Valiantman's site, that feedback was requested on it. I noticed that the wrong issue had been listed for the first appearance of one of the Valiant characters, and called it out. It was changed in the app, but if I had called out the wrong issue, would it have been changed to that? Is someone reading all the relevant issues? Referring to online wikis, which anyone can manipulate?
  4. I came to mention the Jaime Hernandez contribution in Love and Rockets #4 - 100 Room but immediately was reminded of a handful of other stories by him that are more recent that are just as good. A true master. Others that come to mind are Animal Man #15, Sandman 18 (which is up there with a handful of others in the run), Hitman #34 is one of the great Superman comics imho. Some really great single issue stories in Top 10 as well.
  5. A double winner. Well, took me longer to list these than to sell them. Thank you. Hey, I've got run see some patients. I'll get back to you later today with details by PM. Thanks again!
  6. You sir, have got a trigger finger this morning. It's all yours!
  7. I was looking for that but didn't see it, but I'm assuming they went back home. Moreover, I envisioned them saying "why the hell did we come here in the first place again?"
  8. Will CGC be at this comic con? You guys weren't at WW Philly last year. I'm not sure if I want to go because Keystone Comic Con was much better last year and I'm definitely going to Keystone. Wizard World has almost no comic industry guests.
  9. Green Hornet Comics #22 CGC 2.5 off white/white pages Featuring an Alex Schomburg cover and a Japanese WWII cover to boot, this copy presents well for the assigned grade. No GPA data in this grade. Census shows 14 graded copies. A 1.5 sold for $137 this month and issue #23 in 3.0 went for $250 in March. Asking $200 shipped in continental US SOLD
  10. Hunt Bowman to Bowman hunting -
  11. I like bound volumes, but I never see them in the wild. See 'em all damn day at work (British Library), but I get into trouble if I take them home. I probably would, if I weren't going on holiday. Thanks for the consideration, though.
  12. Ranger Comics #10 CGC 3.5 off white pages This book presents very nicely for the grade. The water stain in the lower left front cover is what brings this copy down. As you can see, the staining is fairly unobtrusive and almost blends in with the color palette of the cover. GPA doesn't offer much on this comic. Hasn't sold in this grade in almost 3 years and there are only 11 copies on the census. Asking price is $250 shipped in continental US. SOLD
  13. Startling Terror Tales #10 - L.B. Cole Cover - 1.8/2.0 Good to Good-. Presents much nicer than the grade. Cover is completely detached. Tear from edge through "T" on the cover. Some splitting and pieces out along back cover at spine, but front and back cover still firmly connected. Supple interior. Complete and no restoration. Asking $250
  14. Ghostly Weird Stories #120 - L.B. Cole Cover - 3.5 Very Good-. Solid copy. Soiling spots/stains on the front and back cover. Complete and no restoration. Asking $595
  15. Ending this weekend, got some nice picture frame Marvels and several books from the classic Byrne/Claremont X-men run. How soon 'til we see an X-men/Spidey crossover movie?!?!
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