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  2. DETECTIVE COMICS 87 1.0 C/OW $ 85 …. Very rough, detached, pieces out, rips, tears, etc.
  3. DETECTIVE COMICS 81 1.0 C/OW $ 105 …. Cover detached, large piece out of splash, rips, tears, a true Body Bag Book.
  4. DANIEL BOONE 4 1.5 OW $ 6 …. Rough … H2O exposure, rips, tears, and splits
  5. Honestly, I think that the prices listed on generic Kirby pieces are “organically” high, and this sort of analysis supports my thinking. Don’t forget that he could churn out as many as 3 pages per day at Marvel, when 1 is considered good. That means there is an awful lot of material, and some of it can’t be too good.
  6. Cool story and one well worth going the extra mile for!
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  8. crystal ball to crystal ball and tentacled alien to tentacled alien...
  9. You can Google images of graded copies. Some copies of SM #17 show a bit more of the right side, but given the typical production cut of this issue this appears to be within the margin of error. Note: The right bottom corner does look odd in the photo, but that may just be an image distortion caused by a slight forward bend on the bottom right edge as indicated by both back and front cover images. Barring other issues, that book might press to better than mid-grade. Since it's been over a year since the original post, I wonder if it's been graded in the interim?
  10. Im not interested in buying these video games.... however, I don't agree pristine copies now slabbed and selling for huge numbers are somehow invalidated because they may have been unsold store stock. Thats never been a consideration that trumps condition before in comics or baseball cards, or movie posters etc etc. If a box of unsold Marvels comics from 1961 turned up today, would these books in miraculously high grade be less valuable than Curator or Western Penn copies because they never circulated? How about the cases of 1952 Topps that contained around 40 Mantle rookies? Is no one buying them because they weren't left untouched in a kids sock drawer for 50 years and not in bicycle spokes or a plastic slab? Or movie posters obtained from a printer but never displayed in a theatre lobby the sat in a collectors flat files ? Mint condition is mint condition, and when the demand is there they will sell for big dollars regardless of how they survived. What I would be concerned about with toy and game packaged collectibles would be re-cellophane wrapped items. If done right aren't there extremely hard to tell apart from real plastic wrapping? assuming there are opened pieces in HG so as not to be obvious used VGs in new plastic.
  11. Better late than never - an entertaining roundup of eBay's top sales from Sep to Dec 2019!
  12. which number one did you get? Famous Funnies Series 1 with panels separated by angled straight borders? or Famous Funnies #1 with the golfing cover?
  13. Yes, but isn't this really what it's all about and where the real fun is, like in this following set of pictures here: Yet, even with all of that handling, the Fantastic 3 was still able to acheive a grade of CGC 9.4 NM when it came time to have it graded.
  14. Welcome to the Desert Wind Enterprises  2020 convention and signing schedule. Home of Desert Wind Comic and Celestial Comics. We have listed the conventions and signings that we will be accepting submissions for. If you are interested in submitting books to be signed and then CGC graded for a specific show, please go to our website for complete details. If you have any questions please e-mail us at or Due to our constant travel schedule we find it easier to answer questions via e-mail then having to wait until we get PM's here on the CGC boards. Make sure to check our Desert Wind Comics Facebook page for special announcements including sketch opportunities. And if you are at a show, make sure to stop by the Desert Wind Enterprises booth to take advantage of our "VALUE ADDED SERVICE" that only Desert Wind can provide. Thank you.  UPCOMING SHOWS & SIGNINGS ————————— Private Signings ————————— George Perez DWC Signing - March 25th (sub deadline March 15th - last on-site submissions accepted at Emerald City Comic Con booth #2912) John Romita Jr & Sr DWC Signing - April 6th (sub deadline March 20th - last on-site submissions accepted at Big Apple Comic Con) Joe Sinnott DWC Signing - April 7th (sub deadline March 20th - last on-site submissions accepted at Big Apple Comic Con) Larry Lieber DWC Signing - April 6th (sub deadline March 20th - last on-site submissions accepted at Big Apple Comic Con) ————————— Conventions ————————— C2E2 Comic Con - February 28 - March 1st (sub deadline Febuary 21st - on-site submissions accepted at booth 1332) Nevada Comic Book Roadshow - March 7th (sub deadline Febuary 28th - On-site submissions accepted) Emerald City Comic Con - March 12-15th (sub deadline March 6th - On-site submissions accepted at booth #2912 “Avalon Comics”) Big Apple Comic Con - April 4-5th (sub deadline March 27th - On-site submissions accepted) WonderCon Comic Con - April 10-12th (sub deadline April 3rd - On-site submissions accepted) MegaCon - April 16-19th (sub deadline April 10th - On-site submissions accepted) Free Comic Book Day - May 2nd (sub deadline April 24th - On-site submissions accepted at Celestial Comics) East Coast Comic Con - May 15-17th (sub deadline May 8th - On-site submissions accepted) Comic Con Revolution - May 16-17th (sub deadline May 8th - On-site submissions accepted) Desert Wind Legends in the Fall Tour - June 1st-30th (sub deadline May 24th) San Diego Comic Con - July 22-26th (sub deadline TBA) Comic Con Honolulu - August 7-9th (sub deadline TBA) TerrifiCon - August 14-16th (sub deadline TBA) LA Comic Con - September 25-27th (sub deadline TBA) New York Comic Con - October 8-11th (sub deadline TBA) Great American Comic Con - November 21-22nd (sub deadline TBA)
  15. Thanks for organizing the show Kevin. It definitely looked busier. Family zone was a great idea too, after I was done my stuff in the first day, I just brought my son back to have him enjoy family zone the other 2 days. Malvin
  16. Yep, it was from the Pedigree auction. I'm glad the ow-w pages scared you away. The hammer price was pretty reasonable.
  17. Sorry about your friend . He sound like a wonderful guy. All men over 40 should go and get checked for colon cancer . Could you share the story for the “Paul” collection ? It’s the first time i have heard about it.
  18. Thanks man! And yeah, there was lots of fun to be had at that meeting
  19. Awesome! And great story I was late back to the collecting game, more around 2014 for me. I know that Barnes and noble carried some newsstands, not any around me, or I checked and never saw any but B&N was an outlet and one of the last to carry newsstands. Glad to hear about you meeting Jock!
  20. I never collected Shadow but recent focus on Pulps made this amazing Rozen babe cover stand out... One of the cooler covers in the run... Actually not much good girl art in the run so love this...
  21. How's that possible? Jon McClure only discovered them in 1998...
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