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  2. Debated it. Decided to be good, and like you I will probably regret it.
  3. I recommend using LastPass or 1Password.
  4. Us old fogeys, yep... the new generation, not so much.
  5. Congrats on becoming a key player in the market we all trade in. Here are some words of wisdom from someone you'd probably appreciate hearing: "With great power comes great responsibility" Best wishes A&L
  6. Or maybe this is your view. What if you were like "what is the first appearance of Satana" well, just open the Ap and punch it in. What is the first appearance of Wildcat from the JSA? Punch that in. Wanna know the first time Steve Rogers appeared as the US Agent? Punch it in. It's not just about money.
  7. Thanks for taking a look! I'll be listing slabbed books only. Raw books will come as I develope some trust in the community Payments: PayPal accepted. Shipping: Because all of the books are slabbed this is easy. I will ship in a medium flat rate box. $14.95 I can fit 4 maybe 5 in each box. So the more you but the more you save! (Or something like that) Other: Please no HOS or Probies Return Policy: I will not accept returns due to the fact that this thread is pretty straight forward. Please ask any questions before committing to buy. And away we go...
  8. Believe it or not I haven't watched this since season 6. The first three seasons were must see TV for me. It seemed to lose something in season 6 when they basically stopped adapting the George Martin books and went with their own original content. I think though I will try to catch up and binge watch this over the next few weeks.
  9. Ya I would also say to artist exact poses and what not. Now for me if you went Thor vs. Hulk I would Def have it Thor swinging his hammer and maybe hitting hulk or the hulk smashing ground. Or if you can't think of ideal pose. And like said guy work see if he has any ideas and then see if he will do a quick mockup for you. And then go from there. I did that myself for Geiger piece I am getting in next few days. I told him I wanted a spider-hulk. And said do something like Web of spiderman 70 cover. Then he made a mock up and changed it up slightly and have spider hulk running up a building that makes it look more actiony.
  10. Apparent 3.0, amateur resto, from what I can see: moderate amount of color touch at cover in the spine area and top margin, split spine has been glued, $ 1200 shipped, paypal. Returns at your expense, no probation or Hos members.
  11. There are as many flipers in this hobby as there are collectors, there are probably more flippers who are collectors than purely collectors. There are people like myself who use the ap strictly for entertainment value. Do you know how many "blue chip" collectors and dealers began as flippers? This is a fun hobby, no need to diminish the enjoyment others feel by your personal views.
  12. Which is exactly what speculators, flippers, and "investors" are looking for. You're reiterating what I'm already calling it out for being.
  13. I'm referring to people on this site. It's nice to collect information on how they approach collecting. I'm new,I'm fresh and I dont want to be taken advantage of so I'm open to suggestions and I appreciate the feedback
  14. I’ll go out in a limb and say the 9.8 is a 2 Million dollar book. This 9.4 is 1M +.
  15. For some reason I only see a few out of the dozens of posts on this page.
  16. That scene between Bale and Worthington was so great. I was okay with much of it. Especially the T-800 being modified to convey more emotions in protecting Sarah Conner. But I get where some of it was too easy to figure out. The T-800 vs. Arnold was a fun callback to the first film.
  17. I'll take Batman 608, 616, 618, 681, 5 copy D Detective 1, 831 copy B Fantastic Four 588 Joker Secret Files All at the latest discount prices. Thanks
  18. Speculation is a fraction of the app and there are other groups like on Facebook that are better suited for speculation and flipping. As I said, it’s primarily about helping people identify the milestone moments in comics and other gems. In the span of 85 years, quite a bit has been published. This is meant to help navigate through it all. If you’re a collector you’ll appreciate it.
  19. Thanks for the grades guys, was hoping it was at least a 4
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