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  2. Just read a very old interview where Stan is talking about Ditko. He mentions how he spoke to Steve about a one time return to do a Spidey story and Ditko responded by saying he wouldn't do another Spider-Man story until Martin Goodman paid him the royalties he promised him. Seems there might be more than one side to the story.
  3. Currently on ComicLink, low bids. Cheers. White Knight Page 1 - Joker VS Batman White Knight Page 2 - Rogues Gallery Superman/Batman 2 Cover by Ed McGuinness
  4. One thing I'm super-curious about with a 6" Joe line is if and how they do vehicles. I collected Joes as a pre-teen, and I think I loved the vehicles more than the figures. The problem with the 1:12 scale as compared to the 1:18 scale is that the vehicles end up being HUGE. Imagine a 1:12 scale USS Flagg--it's over 7 feet long now, but scaled up to 1:12 it'd be over 10 feet long!
  5. +1. Would say the previous owner of this book could not afford to have the back cover margins replaced and drawn /painted in-fill so just had the front cover margins 'pro' done. Susan Cicconi's rate would be too high for this much cover re-creation and in-painting by hand.
  6. Awesome Show...Don't Miss Out!
  7. If somebody glued Bristol board to something stiffer, is separation a lost cause? Obviously the kind of glue and the kind of backing might change the answer.
  8. Doing well. Glad to see you back. Is this just a drive by or a longer stay?
  9. Show is going to be a Fantastic one with lots of artists...Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze and Modern books...This is Truly the place to be this Sunday...and it's FREE!
  10. Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War Prelude #1 CGC 9.8 SS Signed by Chris Evans, Karen Gillan, Tom Hiddleston, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Benedict Wong, Dave Bautista, Anthony Mackie, Josh Brolin, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner, Zoe Saldana, Paul Rudd, Tom Holland, Tessa Thompson, Chris Hemsworth, and Brie Larson **Item is available for sale FYI**
  11. Are you going to do better with books this year?
  12. I'm not doing the new Joe line, either, but I do want that weapons rack. I'll be using it for Shang-Chi, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Elektra, Bullseye, and Kingpin. I may use Snake Eyes as a random goon in Marvel displays for heroes to beat up on, not sure yet.
  13. Final price drop! Now $560! You won't find a cheaper CGC HoS 92!
  14. Sad thing is that this behavior is typical. Not meaning here, but in general, everywhere. Yeah, I have no horse in this race, but if someone were to ask me if I thought it was a rude thing to do, I would agree.
  15. Very interesting and educational...I didn't know some of the modern editions were so valuable. Thank you!
  16. I haven't bought anything from Pulse for a long time, but I'm still apparently a premium member (I also got the upgrade with that first purchase when they launched.) I guess I'll check it out this weekend, but I don't think I'm doing the new Joe line, so there's not much I'm interested in.
  17. The Surfer run is one of my favorite runs in comics, for sure, and that's a great observation. I would venture to say that it wouldn't have been nearly as successful if Kirby had drawn it (issue 18 not being on par with 1-17). I think that after seeing a lot of Buscema's work in Avengers, his art really complimented the melodrama well that always surrounded the Surfer. John's art looks dramatic even without words. Does anyone have any excerpts or discussions about who did what with Stan in regards to the Surfer story lines? Or any uber Buscema fans who may know John's work better than the average reader have any comments? I think that it's far to say that at the very least the success between artist and writer!scripted should have been split 50/50 (letters don't really sway a reader, do they? And colors weren't advanced enough back in the 60's to really influence me - that came in the 80's when printing techniques advances to where colors and letters DID influence stories). ---------------------- On a side note, I read an interesting interview with Mark Tremont of Alterbridge (formerly Creed) and he said that even though he and Myles Kennedy do most of the writing they split all credits equally among the band members. That's a very refreshing example in a capitalist world where everyone is fighting for their fractional share.
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