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  2. Especially when you consider it is a Dyson Vacuum prototype cover
  3. My thought is they're too blurry. I wonder what the record is for # sigs on a cover?
  4. I like how our hobby has been transformed from taking the proceeds of a sale to buy a (used) car to buying a house! I remember in college in the mid-80s, one of my roommates sold a Hulk #1 (in Fair condition) and it was only enough for him to pay his share of the month's rent.
  5. FYI, no matter who drew it or how much is or isn’t Baker it’s still a great cover IMO.
  6. I bought it from Rick a ways back!
  7. Don't you "strike through" a lot of trees? Just get that Paul Bunyan ax or chainsaw out.
  8. This is all for this thread. I will let it open until Saturday and I will send all invoices on Sunday. Thanks for looking and a special thanks to everybody who purchased something.
  9. Today
  10. $250K for the Action # 1 6.5 ? A pretty big jump after the last 8.5 went for $261K in August...
  11. Planet comics. Let the sci-fi genre run w-i-l-d again...
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