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  2. Well, with the $10 bucks or so I save a month by not using a sniping software, I can actually go to the laundry mat now to wash my clothes. is free.
  3. You beat me to it. This is almost exactly what I was going to say. Jeff is the only guy right in DC/Metro that has that selection. I'm not sure how close he is to a Metro station. Marc, of course, has everything, but his store is a pretty far hike from DC.
  4. "It is correct zat you like ze Count's postage ze Man Adam and his Tea Van, as zis is in ze realms of expectment. Zis art, why it is ze crime most prolific! Ze Count he would prefer to haff ze sandy papering of ze ball sacks zan haff to look at zis creation of ze turd for any moments longer. Please, I beg ze, shield ze eyes of ze Count! Zey burn!"
  5. I have had a issue like this with a non comic item from ebay I asked the seller to check and they were not helpful. note if you wait to long after it says it was delivered eBay will not be able to refund or help if its past 30 days of receipt of delivery. So if you are going to have E bay intervene you might want to consider your time constraints.
  6. Sketched and colored! Win-win! Very nice! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Yeah, I have a 9.0 up on ebay right now. I was surprised when it hit 100 within 24 hours. Not sure why the sudden interest.
  8. Well, with the $10 bucks or so I save a month by not using a sniping software, I can actually go to the laundry mat now to wash my clothes.
  9. I know, I want to do economy fast track grading with standard pressing but it won't let me grrrrr
  10. I thought the cover is supposed to make you want to pick up and buy the book. I picked this up, saw the cover and put the book down. I know $4 does not mean that much to Marvel....... OK I take that back, with how new books sell $4 could mean a lot.
  11. The number of people talking about waiting around for the end of auctions is mindboggling. Sniping with software (GavelSnipe, ESnipe, etc.) is so simple I'm wondering if you guys also wash your clothes at the river with a scrubbing board and rocks.
  12. I'm not going to be much help, but while I seriously doubt that tenting the house would damage the art, I wouldn't take the chance personally. Also not a fan of keeping significant and expensive art on display or stacked up somewhere with strangers alone in my home (that Breaking Bad clip alone fires up the imagination). Hassle to move everything I'm sure, but seems like the logical choice.
  13. Excellent point. Even if I start collecting GA again, it has to be in a completely different genre. I can't bring myself to pay more for some of the run of the mill books than what I paid for key GGA books 10-15 years ago.
  14. While we are talking about appearances when did Mystique go from a nice royal blue to comic left in the sun too long blue?
  15. "Vot ze holy farken haff occurred here! Ze Count he is no critic of ze art form, but holy mother bejezus zis work haff ze artistic qualities of ze sh of a dog"
  16. Looking for a mid grade copy of Archie Annual #4. Thanks for looking!
  17. Only three I use for both buying and selling are: CC/Metro CLink Harley (he's awesome!)
  18. How did the back come out, did any of that get cleaned off?
  19. Like JoshuaT27, I'll also by attending East Coast Comic Con, do I leave my books with you or do you come with me as I get a book signed.....just need to clarify the process.
  20. Adding a new GSX 1. Big big here Giant-Size X-Men #1 CGC 9.6 OW/W Shipping included. Returns if you so choose. Looking for checks or money orders here. If you want to use PayPal, plz contact me first. Asking $6,100 gorgeous copy. Consider it pressed.
  21. Agreed, but there is no actual evidence of it. It would be like saying, oh I don't know, that same character appears on another earlier cover only to be told by the writer and artist that isn't true.
  22. Modern fast track Delivered today with CGC Fast Track written on the box on all 6 sides. Let's see if this speeds up from delivery to being officially received.
  23. Been lurking on the boards since 2012, and I have yet to post...until now. I have sold on ebay under dbaylor69. I am selling, CGC slabbed issues of Silver Age Avengers #4 (7.5 CGC grade) and Avengers #57 (9.2 CGC Grade). My apologies in advance for the non-exceptional (glare reflection) pics below. Avengers 4 - $3,000 (plus $60 shipping, insurance, adult signature delivery). Avengers 57 - $1,200 (plus $40 shipping, insurance, adult signature delivery). Shipping is within USA only, and will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail 2-Day Flat Rate Box. PayPal preferred, but will accept money order or check (of course, these payment methods will delay how soon book(s) will be shipped out). Will ship book(s) out within 3 business days of payment receipt and/or confirmation. Returns accepted when done within 3 business days of receipt on your end, and you pay for return shipping (USPS Priority Mail 2-Day Flat Rate Box) and insurance. Thanks for the look!
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