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  2. Sweet Christmas! That is badass! Congrats
  3. Fantastic Four 32 is SOLD! Marvel Spotlight 3 is SOLD! Thanks Tony_H!
  4. DAZZLER # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 - GLOSSY VF-/VF COPIES - ALL FOR $10 These books display great but basic wear keeps them down. Issue one looks nice but has non color breaking crease across the cover. Press it Great price for books that display great and are 40 years old now.
  5. Last book for tonight. Mystic Comics 3 in 4.0 Lt Tan/OW. This one should really be re-holdered. It had a sticker on the front that someone screwed up with and the upper to middle right side of the case is a little filmy, nothing inside though $1700
  6. Yes, much darker than what I was reading back then I guess....although I was listening to him ironically, just never went for the really dark comics
  7. In regards to “lowering your bid on what you are really willing to actually pay,” I would respectfully disagree. Even if the auction house charged a 100% markup for buyer’s premium, shipping, handling fee, service with a smile, and sales tax, I would still PAY what I’m willing to spend on that book. Let’s say I wanted a book at $1000. If the auction house charges $100 for shipping, $100 in sales tax, $100 BP, $100 for a box to ship it in, and $100 just because we can fee, then my bid is $500. If I win, I pay $1000. So while technically my bid is less than what I was willing to pay, I still paid exactly what I was willing to pay. You just have to think of your “bid” as the final out the door price, not what you enter on the bid line.
  8. The first step is to make a list of what you have and the condition. Here is a tutorial about figuring out the condition of a comic Once you have list of the comics and their condition you can look up in the price guide what they are worth. And then once you have that figured out you can choose if they are worth selling. You can sell them on ebay or on these boards. But you have to do all the other stuff I mentionned first before thinking of where and how to sell.
  9. REAL GHOSTBUSTERS # 1 (1ST SERIES) - GLOSSY NM MINUS COPY - $20 Only reason this got NM MINUS was due to "thumbing" indent on the back cover near the center edge. Press it out and be happier. New movie coming this summer.
  10. Oh yes... he had an entire line of books that came out during the 90's. All were heavily adult oriented, but some were kind of entertaining. A few had some really cool Dave Stevens covers as well. Not sure which I would recommend because its all violence and nudity xxx ooo Rupp
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