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  2. Hector,Spaceman says hello. Pineapple's likely too large to play with your darling doggo,she rough houses. And some comics to stay on track
  3. It’s so awesome and so perfectly unique in so many ways! Congrats!!
  4. Does any of that top edge wear break color?
  5. yeah I agree, I looked at other 3.5 and they looked way less good. The stain doesn't ruin the eye appeal since it's at the the bottom of the comic. I wonder how CGC would evaluate it.
  6. But honestly, if you have credit card debt, use the $1000 to pay of that shyt first. Not sure right now if you have 7-8% student loan debt, because you might be getting some forgiveness from D.C. at some point on that, depending on your income.
  7. @greggy remember when you filled this thread with all those positive comic posts?
  8. A press would help it look better, but it won't help the technical grade. You have a couple of color breaks in the spine, and the bottom of the spine is a little scruffy. That will keep the book squarely at 9.6.
  9. I have one for sale but it’s not $200 if you are interested here’s the link
  10. I don't know,but he just yesterday published a reprint of his origin story in a post.Maybe the day before.They are on different times in Duckland y'know.
  11. @Get Marwood & I can you contact @Scott =) @dena and help with @porcupine48 request? @Buzzetta still waiting on my password @greggy you still suck
  12. I heard they locked the would you crack this?Can you use some pull and get it reopened so I can read what I missed?
  13. Whatever happened to Lizards1? And is there a lizards3 waiting at the pet shop when #2 bites the dust
  14. Man... great book... I'd like to go back in time and stop that blue gunk from ever hitting the cover... up the Delorean!!!! I'll say optimistically 3.5... and it would probably be one of the best-looking AF15's ever at that grade.
  15. @lizards2 what irreverent debauchery are you up to without me!?
  16. As you all know I ordered 1000 copies and sold them all at the absolute peak, so I have no horse in the race.
  17. I’m going to start my own thread a negative thread to make comics general a cess pool of turds
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