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  2. Collin reached out to me with a great deal on a book I had been searching for. I highly recommend doing business with him and I won’t hesitate to send others his way. thanks again!
  3. Here a a couple of Timelys that I stretched quite a bit for at the time. I got the photo journals in 1994, and it was quite a journey from that point (1996) - All Select 1 app. VF+ (slight color touch, CF reinforced) $5900 (2000) - Cap 1 FAIR $4400 (2000) - Cap 3 VG $2700
  4. I've made the case, at great length, why auto-decline is a bad idea for sellers. But, hey, that's their call.
  5. That doesn’t quite look like Wrightson. Would you mind posting it in full?
  6. I've found most of my 1988-1990 Overstreet Updates, and they are, as they always have been, a goldmine of information. But scanning is a pain. Anyone wanna come over and do it? By the three years worth of Updates...#7, #8, #9 #10, #12, #14, #15...not a single mention of Venom. Not. One. McFarlane? Everywhere. Bats? The Cinderella story of 1989. Ghost Rider? Can't miss. No Venom. In any report. Or even in the letter from @greggy that was printed in Update #15. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
  7. I predict the characters most likely to die next episode are Theon (especially how they made it so dramatic his decision to stay and fight), Brienne (her knighting was a way to send her out on top), Tormund, Gendry, Jorah, and Beric. I would say the Hound as well but you know he will have to have it out with Ser Gregor before it is all said and done.
  8. honestly didnt even think of that. sent me his pp for invoice on thursday and he paid this evening. I didnt know it was easter today until last night. so, it is very possible! Is there still a mandate to not use electronics while on passover?
  9. Someone said this was the place to be....
  10. I will go a bump and then tomorrow this closes and back in the box he goes. Awwww... what's in the box?
  11. Brave & the Bold #37 cgc 8.5 *Big Apple Pedigree* Early Suicide Squad $785 BACK COVER:
  12. A quick BA comic... Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2, $30 There's a 1/3" split at the bottom of the spine.
  13. was hoping this was a "nothing to see here" thread
  14. Rulah #21, 2.5 $245 More GGA with a Kamen cover. Used in SOTI, pps 388 and 389. Book sits flat and is complete. Cover is detached and held together with tape. All interior pages are firmly attached at both staples. No rust! Cover has great color, and still some gloss. The book is very supple. There is quite a bit of tanning on the inside of the cover, but no brittleness. Some interior pages are white, some off-white. A very nice book considering the defects.
  15. It did pretty good considering it was in between two Marvel Super Bowl event pictures Captain Marvel and Avengers : End game. In comparision Shazam wiped the floor with Hellboy box officewise. So a win for Shazam. I am pretty sure the sequel will be very successful.
  16. Dagar #14, 3.0 $425 Classic bondage cover/GGA. Kamen art. Book sits flat and is complete. Cover and all pages are firmly attached at both staples (although there is some tearing around the bottom staple), with a 1" split at the bottom spine. There is some rust on both staples, but no propagation. Book has good color, but no gloss to speak of and is very supple. Pages are off-white to cream. There is a stain at the top that goes all the way through the book (you can see it on the back cover), but it doesn't affect the story. The tear on the upper left back cover goes through the back 4 pages, but again, doesn't affect the story.
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  18. You know I like you brother, but there is no way this Spider-Man movie doesn't do at least a billion at the box office worldwide. We will have the Avengers :EndGame bounce, plus another Nick Fury Samuel Jackson appearance which will guarantee at least a billion.
  19. I agree with both of you guys. The movie version of Thor is more likable than the comic version just like the Aquaman of the movies is way cooler than the comic book version. Yes, sometimes the Hollywood versions are better than the comic book counterparts.
  20. I typed the wrong number down when I requested help in putting a comic into the registry. It should be #1612460023 9.8 signed Greg Land, not 162460024. Can I get this changed on my Fantastic Four (2018) set?
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