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  2. If you could find the book/issue that would be appreciated. This is something I would like to frame for the room. Maybe see if the OA is available.
  3. Just when you thought you knew it all, you get a thread like this! Awesome stuff!
  4. The marketing is reaching regular people because my wife, unprompted, said to me the other day, I want to see that Vin Diesel superhero movie.
  5. It probably isn't considered "good business" to highlight one's deficiencies, but as stated previously, I'm a fanatic for getting information right. So if nobody minds, I will periodically correct errors in the guide here, so that anyone interested can make corrections to their copies (a "bonus" that will be uniquely available to these boards). One of the problems I have is that with each of the three editions, I've re-structured the format. So while old errors get corrected, new ones arise. I'm pretty satisfied with the current form, so should there be later editions down the road, there should be less chance for fresh typos, etc., that don't involve added information. Anyone else can feel free to post any problems they've found as well (however, I'm not looking for pricing opinions since they will be forever evolving, but actual typos of significance or data-entry mistakes). Here's a few I've already spotted -- CORRECTIONS p.54 "Clues" -- typo; VF price for May 1943 issue should read 180. p.90 "Famous Fantastic Mysteries" 1941 Dec: data error - no Lovecraft reprint in this issue. p.282 "McClary" entry -- typo, "sciencefiction" appears without hyphen. p.296 "Jan, Alfred" entry -- typo, should read "From Spicy to Bland".
  6. Silver Surfer 1-17 stands out to me as his best material not connected immediately connected with Jack Kirby or Steve Ditko. I realize Silver Surfer 1 is a re-telling, but it's one of the best origin stories I've ever read in comics. The introduction of Mephisto stands out to me as well. His over-the-top, melodramatic writing style lends itself very well to the Surfer. I actually also remember enjoying his collaboration with Moebius on Parable as well. Now, I can't say how much is John Buscema and how much is Moebius, but I did find it to be some of his most enjoyable work.
  7. FFB -- a voice from the distant past!!!
  8. I think I'll just wait a month and buy my Batman 89 for 7 bucks.
  9. Coming up in less than 2 weeks -- here's some info I gathered -- HUNTSVILLE COMIC CONVENTION at LOWE MILL will be February 28 & 29, 2020 ( leap year) , Friday and Saturday. The show hours are FRIDAY 12:00 TO 8:00 PM , SATURDAY 10 am – 6:00 PM . NEW ADMISSION RULE FOR THE SHOW…PARKING IS 10.00 PER VEHICLEPER DAY …. ADMISSION TO THE SHOW IS FREE…SO, The more PEOPLE in the car.. the cheaper admission to the show will be…5 people..only 2.00 each ! Bring a BUS full of people and WE will pay your 10.00 parking fee! The BEST Deal in Fandom! Guests for the show He-Man , She-Ra , Original Ghost Busters, Dark Wing Duck Storyboard Artist ….ROBERT LAMB Simpsons, Powerpuff Girls, Spongebob , Peanuts, Ren & Stimpy , Looney Tunes, And over 60 OTHER Credits. ..Award Winning Artist STEPHANIE GLADDEN Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Grand Pa , And has 23 OTHER Horror Film Credits ….. JOHN DUGAN AWARD WINNING Author of the ALLON series , and More than 23 Books to her credit. She was voted “ One of the 50 Great Authors you need to be reading” … PLUS she was the writer for Filmation’s Brave Starr ….. SHAWN LAMB JEM and the Holograms, One of the Misfits… Voice of “Jetta” …… Louise Dorsey Return of the Swamp Thing , Road Trip, The Hospital 1 & 2 , And 25 OTHER Horror Movie Credits.. Actor & Director …. DANIEL EMERY TAYLOR Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Artist … Jason Flowers Heavy Metal, Wildflower , Hellboy , Family Guy … Artist BILLY MARTINEZ Author of over 28 published works Books, Short Stories. Etc. ….. D. ALAN LEWIS COMPLETE DEALER & ARTIST ALLEY LIST FOR THE SHOW! MikeBrayComics Comics - ( myself ) Great selection of Comics - Gold , Silver, Bronze, 60`s and 70`s 1`st issues a specialty Earl Shaw Comics The GREATEST Comic Dealer in the South! The Dealer’s Dealer… THOUSANDS of Bargain Comic , Golden Age, Silver ..More! World of Strange Hundreds of T-shirts for the Geeks and Fans of Gaming, Comics, Movie & TV, etc. A & j Comics Thousands of Comics, Silver , Bronze, Keys, Modern from 1.00 to 1000.00 Ben’s Comics Thousands of bargain $1.00 comics! Marvel, Dc , Image , Independents ..More! Comic City Thousands of the Hottest Comic Books, Key Issues , CGC, Celebrity Autographs, More! Starbase 1552 Comics & Toys LLC Thousands of 1.00 Comic Books and Hundreds of Toys Beama Arts Original Paintings , sketches , and prints for sale Ella’s Enchantments Handmade Jewelry, Dice Bags, More! Elsweyr Shoppe Custom made Boxes & Jewelry Epic Toys and Games One of Tennessee’s Largest Toys, Action Figure Pops, Frames , and Gaming Dealers Exile Into Imagination Over 900 different buttons, dozens of posters, hundreds of t-shirts featuring Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Supernatural , Gaming, and other assorted Geeky Goodness. Fanboy Glass – Magic & Gaming Cards Custom etched glassware, inspired by gaming, sci-fi and fantasy designs. PLUS Magic , Yu Gi Oh , D&D , Gaming Supplies ( Dice , Supplies, More!) Fantasy Art Comics Featuring their new comic "Fierce" with comics and prints of characters from their series! Fantasy Dragon Pop Culture & Anime focused Clocks, Figures, Umbrellas, Disney VHS, Vintage Wrestling Collectibles, DVDS, Figures, More! Hatcore Hats Hundreds of styles of Geek Inspired Hand-Made Fleece Hats ( Video Games, Anime, Pop Culture, More! ) House of Anime Complete line of Anime items ( plushies, t-shirts, bags, etc.) , J-POP, More! Immortal Impressions Handmade Ceramics, and Sewn items ( purses, bags, wallets, more ) , Jewelry Musetap Studios Hundreds of Prints from Video Games, Anime, Pop Culture , Geekdom, More! Paintings by Dimitri Original Acrylic Paintings and Art Prints Posters & Comics Hundreds of the Hottest Posters ( Star Wars, Dr. Who, Anime, Comic Characters, Gaming, More!) , Pokémon Cards & Toys, Yu Gi Oh Cards, Thousands of 2.00 Comic Books ( Batman to X-Men) , 1000 's of Skateboard Stickers, More! Sara Lou’s Super Stitches Handmade Potholders , Pillows, Dice Bags, lanyards, More! Tokki Darling Handmade Pins, Charms, Buttons, Stickers, Prints Tokyo Toybox 100% Licensed Anime, Video Game, and Pop Culture Merchandise! Items include plush, pillows, figures, phone charms, keychains, lanyards, pins, grab boxes, and other fun stuff!
  10. Thought maybe some of you would enjoy this video we did on Global Comic Safari?
  11. Depends purely on what Kevin Feige has in store for the character with Phase 4, 5 and 6. I think the character was "under-used" after the first Avengers film. JIM 83 has been a very solid book the last 4 years, and particularly the last year, I think, because the Thor character will be central to Phase 4 and spec money is flowing into that book. Banner's story (under the Lee-Kirby paradigm) was that of a tragic figure, and all that has disappeared in the films.
  12. Damn, I was making a reference to the Worldpay incident of 2011, wasn't thinking of "yes" being a viable answer.
  13. I'm the first person in history to tell their broker, "sell faster, MORE, you don't understand, Rick's thread starts at 3!" #moregoldplz
  14. This is such a crossover giant that everyone loves. Tough book 👍
  15. James Tynion announced it in his blog on Jan. 19. A week before FOC of Batman #89 and two before Hell Arisen. If you purchased either or both you would be doing fine right now.
  16. If you find a package deal on two of them, let me know
  17. Just received this sweet CGC 8.5 Batman #251 from @drbanner. Thrilled to see it come with one of those new purple Joker custom CGC labels!
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