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  2. I'm curious, why was the Friday the 13th poster recalled?
  3. What can I say that hasn’t been said? Rick is the absolute best!!! I just received 5 great books and a Comic Cavalcade #1 is on the way with a partial trade I did with him. Oh and Rick got me the All Star Comics #46 in 6.5 which was last book I needed to complete my All Star Comics collection!! Beyond ecstatic!!!🥳🥳🥳
  4. Yes. Press for possible 3.5. Won't help the creases but the spine/book will then lay flat with that mild roll revised.
  5. Those are the 2001 editions! I was in heaven when they were release during that time period at toys r us!
  6. I'm not worried about getting re-charged. I'm assuming that they sent that to let us know that they have been pressed. The key word being assuming!
  7. Sorry for the interruption,I thought it was bounty's thread,my mistake
  8. Batman animated Batwing & Bat-mobile, BTTF 2 Hoverboard, Carpenter's They Live Mask, Kane Hodder Signed recalled poster of Friday the 13th part 8, and to your left half a pic of EFX's Captain America Shield! I have all the Absolute Sandman's in the centerpiece of the display which I lean my top 10 indie books around.
  9. Buzzetta


    The internet never forgets.
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