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  2. As the title states...………... But I would also entertain offers on raw copies in the same range.
  3. For those asking about the "Frazetta Erotic Images" (as DocDave describes them) referenced on the podcast, here's a piece written by former podcast guest, Suat Tong Ng: As always, unmistakably and singularly a Suat essay. The comment thread is worth a read, as well. Questions for me from the beginning: Should these have been made public and sold? Can that be considered a betrayal? Does the existence of these drawings affect Frazetta's legacy? Everyone can decide for themselves.
  4. Reminds me of those Hallmark cards. Awkward Family photo from the eighties. It was cool then, but so embarrassing now. Nice fanny pack Dwayne.
  5. Ok, who owned a pair of purple, plaid pants like Mr. Parker? (Also from MTU #9)
  6. Nice new Chaykin! Value of money, whatever benchmark you might use, I use 15% or double every five years. Yesterday's AF1 sale loses against that benchmark ($600 x35yrs = doubled 7 times), and probably for the best buy/sell dates too. Doesn't matter if you want the art, can afford to toss off the scratch, and that's that. Not everybody does it this way, but for four figure+ decisions, that's just how I do it.
  7. Yeah, I passed on it. It was very rusty and repainted.
  8. That's reprinted from Marvel Team Up #9. And yes, that's about as bad as it comes.
  9. If you didn’t have two already, for $50, why not? But since you do, I’d probably pass also.
  10. It never goes away. I already answered their question but it is still there. I checked it again. Nothing is there. I still see Unanswered Question. It won't go away until the item is sold. How can I get rid of it? It really annoys me.
  11. Kevin: Any approximate idea when the special tickets will be announced? I ask as I am trying to secure commissions but the special tickets will hopefully eat into my budget.
  12. One of the key reasons to get Perlmutter out of the way so Feige had production freedom were those much lower budgets. So to make a multi-billion dollar production, you have to spend the money. How much is still interesting. Is ‘Avengers: Endgame’ the Most Expensive Movie Ever Made?
  13. Agreed She (Daenerys?) Varys is dead and she isn't sitting on the Iron Throne. Daenerys isn't " THE QUEEN " of Westeros I think that's what the question was asking.
  14. Finding this on the newsstand was a real surprise...hadn't given too much thought about the creators of comic book characters.
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