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  2. Aside from the fact that, you're right, Batman's inclusion was a retrospective decision... Batman was retired in this story. TDKR is The Dark Knight Returns.
  3. Easily manipulated? Not so much. Batman had prior motivations to take down Superman. Batman was already on fire - Lex simply added fuel to the flames. Superman didn't want to fight Batman. He wanted to stop his careless vigilantism. In the end - Batman realized that Superman is psychologically human. So much so, that he doesn't even see a 1% chance that he could destroy humanity. Pretty sure the Joker that killed Robin is already dead. The Worst Joker of All-Time is a new character IIRC. You're right - that Worlds of DC is a mess. Snyder was the only man with a plan. They have nobody, now. With Marvel's peak come and gone, now would be their time to strike. They're more interested in solo franchises, though.
  4. Is he just going to do DC characters or what are the odds of some Marvel thrown in there?
  5. Cap asked a question. JARVIS follows Tony 100%. He supplies their shelter, uniforms, technology, etc etc etc. A question is not a command. You'd be the only one that isn't surprised. Apparently you're unaware of the MCU formula.
  6. Would love to see MODOK on the big screen. And ugh, I'm ready for some FF already... Come on Marvel, throw us a bone...
  7. Superman - Shazbot?
  8. I'd also be interested how the shops are chosen. Jim Lee once again proving he's as good of a human being as he is an artist.
  9. This book rarely comes for sale in higher grades... and at least two people realize that
  10. While it can be an inconsiderate move to pull a book from a sale, the seller has the right as much as i'd disagree with the practice. The buyer should also brush it off and move on to finding the next book he is going to buy instead of making it a bigger deal then it needs to be. It's not that big of a deal, move on to the next deal folks.
  11. I completely disagree with the above post I am currently in NY , the heart the current epidemic, and my wife is a registered nurse in Nassau county, right now one of the hardest hit counties in NY , every day she goes into work knowing that not only is she going to have to fight for the correct protective equipment , but has to worry about passing covid on to me especially as I am in a vulnerable group being over 60 with serious underlying health issues I studied the situation carefully and have done everything to protect myself, procedures which I recommend to everyone, aside from the government guidelines : 1) Build your immune system, eat better, avoid fast food, avoid, preferably any food you have not prepared yourself 2) When you go out in public wear any covering that masks your nose and mouth, wear surgical disposable gloves Easily available on amazon, no shortage 3) Take vitamin C supplements and Zinc, Right now doctors are treating covid with C and taking Zinc, do your own research 4) AVOID AT ALL COSTS PUBLIC BATHROOMS 5) WHEN YOU COME IN FROM THE OUTSIDE, LEAVE YOUR SHOES AT THE DOOR AND SHOWER IMMEDIATELY PLACING YOUR CLOTHING IN A PLASTIC BAG AND LEAVING IT IN A COVERED CONTAINER 6) lET ANY PACKAGES YOU RECIEVE SIT FOR 48 HOURS BEFORE YOU TOUCH THEM UNGLOVED, This includes anything you buy from the supermarket , anything unboxed like fruit should be washed thoroughly , M Any person failing to do any of the above, along with the government guidelines I believe is being reckless and irresponsible, but that's their choice To call a promoter Selfish or irresponsible for hosting an event is to take away free choice, Yesterday my friend went to a supermarket in Florida and it was jammed packed, No social distancing and less then 10% of the people wearing masks, should we arrest the market owner ? Where I live there is a speciality market that I used to go to , last time I went the store was packed and only about half the people were wearing masks so I chose to leave and stay away but it was MY CHOICE I am a dealer and I plan to set up at any show that is going to be allowed by the state which at this point probably wont be till next year. I am neither selfish, nor irresponsible, but an adult making a free choice knowing the risk as are the attendees Here is what I would recommend to promoters when they are allowed to operate : Extend the hours to spread out the crowd, Limit the attendance so attendees can keep a safe distance, Do not allow children, do not allow anyone over 70, Hire medical professionals to screen attendees prior to entry ,and if they appear to be visibly sick ban them, if they appear in distress have them take their temperature if necessary . This is the procedure at airports . Make sure there is convention center employee working full time , just to keep the bathrooms clean . Encourage attendees to report persons in the room who appear visibly sick and have procedures in palace to eject them To attendees : If you are going to be in contact with an at risk person stay home, If you are sick, stay home, If you are in at risk group stay home, Wear a mask and gloves at all times, avoid convention center food and bathrooms, If you see someone coughing or sneezing, report them to convention center or promoters employees If you are going to insist on waiting for a Vaccine , that is a year to two years away , and not always effective, 2 years ago the flu vaccine was less then 10% effective, and this year I believe it runs about 30% . Also keeping in mind there are at least 9 different strains of Covid-19 and doubtless there will be more as this thing continues to mutate If the state of North Carolina decides By June that it is sufficiently safe to attend large gatherings I will absolutely be there for Heroes con , with mask and gloves. no doubt with thousands of other people. Calling anyone selfish or irresponsible so long as the obey federal and state guideline is completely unfair. And of course anyone who disagrees is also free to boycott me as well Thanks, Be safe, And remember , Cashiers, Truck Drivers, and others who keeping our country afloat, are heroes as well ,
  12. green creature to green creature
  13. Hey thanks that’s an upgrade for my copy. Unfortunately I lost on the tales issue . The one that’s going to haunt me is passing on the that sharp copy of cage 2. I’m working on too many other Bronze Age runs and I wasn’t looking to start that one, but a nice raw copy like that.... But hey lets see some more 70’s Marvel on there!
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  15. There is a definite element of truth there. When it comes to music, when music started going digital, I did not immediately embrace it because I did not like the aspect of buying something that I could not resell later if I wanted to. So, I stole as much music as possible thanks to Napster, Limewire, and other filesharing services if I wanted digital music. For the most part I still bought CDs until I bought my first iPhone in 2008. Now I buy a few things on iTunes (Just bought the surprise Phish album and the Weekend - Blinding Lights single) and I will rip certain stuff from YouTube but, it is VERY rare for me to buy a CD. With comic books, that mentality is amplified. Let's take my Spider-man collection. Not counting variants, I have a copy of every single issue. Once they go digital, do I actually have a 'copy' of every single issue? Some may say I do, and most will say I don't. If that is the case why not sell my all of my physical copies and just go to TPB? Why not sell all of them and go digital? A lot of people fear digital because it no longer fosters the notion of having to own a physical copy for newer generations coming to comics. For both comic book retailers AND those holding back issues (myself included) that is a scary dilemma. If you thought this month's books were $1 bin fodder now, wait until more people stream them for free with Marvel Unlimited.
  16. John, you should read better newspapers. @NewWorldOrder
  17. John, you should read better newspapers.
  18. First, there has to be a plateau in the number of new confirmed cases per day. Mortality lags this indicator by 2-3 weeks. Our hope for this week is to begin 'flattening the curve' by seeing a slowing in the daily number of new cases. We're working off of a 1 day drop, according to the Johns Hopkins COVID Resource Center, so let's see if this is just variance or a true beginning in a slowdown of the rate of new infections in the US.
  19. Next up, Batman who Laughs. So far, my favorite. And from the looks of the bidding already, I am not alone.
  20. Need to get this recased/gradeded but this is my 3.0
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