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  2. I love when interviewers let their guests talk and complete their thoughts. Whenever Zac Levi comforably refers to himself as "Captain Marvel Shazam!" too makes me smile every time. Zac also recollects one of my favorite jokes at the 12:07 mark that I first heard retold by Craig Ferguson, boy howdy do I miss watching "The Late Late Show."
  3. Amazing Spider-Man #68 VF/NM: $95 Very solid copy with rich colors
  4. Yes. Did we miss it? Did he come back?
  5. yeah, despite having bought some valuable comics back in he day, I never gave it a second thought when I put them down there. Though it did have heat and at least I placed them on some wood to get them off the floor. I wish my kids collected them so I could pass on this wisdom I finally have!
  6. Find yourself a Cap 350. Sums up the whole story arc, plus retells the origin of the Red Skull. Nothing that spikes lately is worth what people are paying, but that doesnt stop them.
  7. I think the Tec 1000 Jee Hyung Lee Harley Quinn variant is one to look into as well. I am generally not a store variant fan, but just something about that cover made me buy a few. Prices are well elevated for that book now, given the cover, I don't see it crashing.
  8. Good to hear. I was expecting the worst when I saw this. I would NEVER store my comics in a basement, attic, shed or garage. Just too much that can go wrong in so many ways. If they don't fit in the alloted space in the house, I start getting rid of them.
  9. I did some more research, you were right. Thanks for the info, gonna pass on that hundred dollar gamble I never read that era of Captain America. "The Captain". I retract my earlier statement. It's a cool key, not worth what people think imo though. Source:
  10. is is still in the bag ? if so poss reflections caused by the bag ?(eg is bottom left corner a crease or reflection?) looks like a good reading crease on it too. if that corner has a crease and with that reading crease, I'll guess a 8.5-9.0. I see some other examples for sale rated 9 & above and none of them have as pronounced a reading crease. Maybe they can all press out and you'd do much better. Welcome to the boards
  11. Only time will tell. One way to look at this suggestion is to first try and disagree before agreeing with the herd.
  12. Amazing Spider-Man #213 VF/NM: $5 Downgraded for being off-centered and for a small ncb crease on bc
  13. I have bought and sold through for years with Hakes. Not comics though, the "other stuff" I doubt there is a person alive with more knowledge on pinbacks and premiums than Ted Hake. And a great guy to boot!
  14. Absolutely terrible. It is sickening to hear all of these crimes with comics lately. Bob, i dont know you at all but i sincerely hope this gets resolved in your favor. Best regards.
  15. You think these prices are based on people's emotions? A rational person would see current prices of similar key books and make a logical conclusion that the GSX1 would follow a similar trend.
  16. Big Little Book #5779 VF/NM: $40 Spider-Man Zaps Mr. Zodiac Not an easy one to find in decent shape
  17. Lol you may be right. I didn't know that Cap ever wore that outfit. If I'm wrong I'll admit it, it's cool. Can you prove it just for shts and giggles mate?
  18. Been to a few shops the last few weeks. Detective 1000 every decade can still be had on the rack for cover. Don't let anyone kid you even the early decades I can still buy. The Ross cover seems to be only one worth looking into. Naomi is a monster. Local shops have now sold out of 3 and 4 back to back. Issue 1 and 2 sat on the racks for a few weeks before it caught fire I know I bought several. Great thing about Naomi is this. Low Print Run, No Variants and many of the normal Spec sites just plain missed the book at first. Hey guys remember this a low print book without variants sells just as well. Really don't care about issues 5 and 6 except for a set. Remember when everyone else is getting in it maybe time to drop out. My local shops price their variants too high so they just sit. Young Avengers I cant find locally anymore. The first 12 issues have just disappeared. Sales on line indicate even issues like 2,4,10,11 are jumping including 1 and 12. All Eternals books from the 70s are gone. Of course I bought quite a few myself, but shops are reselling copies coming in just as fast currently. Eternals 3 has now taken the lead for the chase book currently, but later issues like 11,13, and 14-15 are selling well now too. Thanos 13 even in lenticular is doing well now. If you bought them cover or less great job. I only bought a few..... You can get a variant copy of DCeased anywhere. Bet you can get a copy much cheaper in a few weeks after it comes out. I am looking forward to reading a set, but no way am I buying for resale due to the oversaturation of the book. Die continues to sell well thru all prints currently. I look for the price of 4th print to come down though with a 5th printing. Wish I would have bought more of Thor 390 when I thought it was a keeper. Power pack 1 is an easy $10-20 flip now in decent grade. Exiles 3 is a $10 book currently or more Hack and Slash seems to have a resurgence lately in sales. Sold a couple of EW4 and even Bloodshot 1 is selling somewhat. Can Vin Diesel make it a household name? Don't care I am sold out. Valiant love on this board oversells these books. What if 108 always a fun read and a very nice sale in high grade. Deadly Class 1 still a $30-40 book currently. Stars and STRIPES 0 $30-50 book in high grade. Not the easiest book to find either. I went years without finding a copy. Any Spawn newsstand in high grade sells well. Any issue. And lastly keep in mind that the market is still predominantly raw. We are the exception not the norm. Many here think the opposite sometimes it can really lead to huge financial mistakes if you don't do your own research. Relying on other spec sites and apps will end the end hurt you. Remember they are there for their own financial interest not yours.
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