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  2. So Hulk 181 has now shot passed GSX1 and X94... do you guys think this is permanent or will the trend be cyclical?
  3. Scarlet #'s 1,23,5 NM, Bendis, optioned, Cinemax, hot, rare, yadda yadda whatever. $10
  4. Jumbo lot Scarce issues #163 GD #166 Fair + solid copy but there is a 2 inch cut on the cover and first 4 pages, the 2nd page tear is larger $300
  5. That's all the sigs. Reverting now to standard operating lunacy.
  6. I have not read an o.f.f. in 40 years, so I guess that explains it
  7. Marvel Milestone Edition TOS #39 signed on splash by Don Heck. COA from Clobbering Time of Morristown, NJ. $20
  8. That's still a 30+ year old book, man! We are talking about throw-away paper products cheaply made and treated even worse. Its amazing anything survives. 1986 is great.
  9. Berserker #1 signed by Gary Carlson and Angel Medina (he's a thing, right?) $5
  10. Fantastic Force #1 Dynamic Forces COA 358/500 signed by Ralph Cabrera. $5
  11. Famous Funnies #81 CGC 2.5 OWW pages Origin and 1st appearance of Scarlet O'Neil (1st female superhero?) Rare issue $325
  12. The Dark #1 signed by Joseph Naftali and Jeff Allgeier, COA from Amazing Comics of Philly. #342/2000. $5
  13. Raw books are more than welcome on the forum. I only have four slabbed books in my collection.
  14. Batman Chronicles #1 Dynamic Forces COA signed by Lee Weeks. #141/1000. $10
  15. Another successful transaction with Unca Bounty. I’m grateful to participate in his sales thread. Always fun chatting with him.
  16. Bloodstrike #1 signed by I can't tell who and I don't care. Claim it free with any signed book purchase.
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