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  2. Easy, the Dentist’s Church copy of Action #1. Drop the mike. And welcome to the boards!
  3. I've never been fast enough either. I like to take my time especially online. Sometimes the original looks vastly different than the published image because of the coloring. I would take the Tradd Moore Silver Surfer cover at $8K over the Ryan Stegman Carnage cover at $15K. I say this as a fan of Carnage and Ryan Stegman. Let's face it, who wouldn't want the extra $7K to buy more art. Lol. Ironically, the only Tradd Moore art I've been able to purchase was when Tradd was still being repped by Cadence Comic Art, (whom I've had no issue with at all over the years). Congratulations to Tradd, Felix, and anyone who was able to make a purchase.
  4. Not a shop owner but like if those 9 smaller keys are very slow moving l would take the asm 129 but if those comics are super hot I would take the 9 comics
  5. You can add walt5312 for non payment
  6. You would still have to test the theory, and everything is based on the last sale. I also don't know who has the copy that would want to part with it.
  7. Yeah if you got a super low grade action 1 there’s still a lot of comics more valuable who knows maybe someone gets a 9.8 dectetive 27 that would def be like 5 plus million
  8. You have to know which page(s) you want ahead of time and what you're willing to spend. I'm 2 for 3 so far and each time knew exactly which page I wanted and how much I was willing to spend. It definitely doesn't give time to assess the B&W pieces if you're unsure you'll like the piece in B&W. While on the whole I agree Felix's pricing effectively undermines flippers, I know of several private sales where the seller made a substantial profit off a piece originally sold by Felix. Andahaion's comment on Thanos Wins and SSB is essentially a case in point that the right pages can turn a profit fairly easily. I also know I'm thrilled to have paid what I paid for the two pages I bought directly from Felix.
  9. your other question should be who sells the book when does the book ever sell? how do you sell your share for more money what if you wanted to keep the ownership if the book and the rest decide to buy.. will it ever sell or will you have to constantly need to buy shares? what profit does the person who owns the book ever get.. how does this help a dealer how long does he keep that inventory... this sounds like the dealer is trying to get additional funds raised such as a loan..
  10. Yeah that makes sense, its always something I was intrigued by. Like what else do people have in their attic, that they don't know what they are sitting on.
  11. Here are the first 9 consecutive appearances (I believe ST Ann 2 and FF Ann 1 are 4th and 5th overall based on Overstreet designation and's listed publication dates):
  12. Love Bronze Age Horror Comics-- SO Many great covers! That's my go to hunt at shows lately.
  13. that's very trusting and easy going of you... unfortunately now a days people aren't so easy to get along with specially sharing in some sort of investments... what do you do when one person needs that investment back and wants to sell do you have to buy out that person share with x amount of money what if you want to sell later as you think the price would increase later.. how do you resolve that issue? what you did sounds more of like a loan than holding shares in a book as you were promied x back at a given date.. not that you had ownership of the book the book was probably more like collateral than ownership.
  14. Everything and anything I liked! Some posters found it very entertaining! I started it in the Silver Age forum in 2011 and some time in 2016 or so it was moved to the Journals.
  15. It would probably turn off most younger viewers. I wanted the Mandalorian to be at least as menacing as Dredd. If he’s going to show compassion, save it for the finale where it wouldn’t be as expected coming from the bounty hunter. It would have a greater impact. If he starts cracking jokes by episode three I’m out.
  16. I'm thinking the best grade copy of Action#1 but I honestly don't know.
  17. the 5.0/white run is steadily a'buildin'!!! love it.
  18. Part of my point is that I see substantial variance in the viewable quality of the 5.0's as graded. I think buyers are looking far more at the quality of the book they are staring at. It seems to have gone somewhat beyond whether a book might be upgradable but really just not allowing your lying eyes to evaluate condition. This comic took quite a ride up for a number of years. There seems to me to be calming of the market believing that it will keep on rising. That doesn't mean it's going down though. I suspect that a good deal of the anxiety would come from folks who have bought the book with borrowed money and they need to service that debt, either that or smaller investors who did indeed use their own money but hoped to quickly flip their copy and pick up 5%. That doesn't seem to be in the cards right now but it doesn't men decline. It's a lot of why I prefer the stock market. Stock are really easy to liquidate if one has to. When you look at the prices that Silverweb supplied, I am curious as to whether the sales price, say for the Oct 41K sale includes the final costs of premiums on both buyers and sellers coupled to sales tax potential. That would make that a lot more expensive.
  19. I guess the main thing is would a color touch removal get you a blue label or remain purple?
  20. Hmm, yeah I wonder that too. I would think dealers own them? My other question is where would the book be stored?
  21. Yup-- I'm with the other comments for what it's worth.
  22. what was your thread about previously? Didn't know of your thread before.. is it entertaining?
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