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  2. Wildstorm 1, 2, 2 variant, 3 NM - $15 (includes shipping)
  3. One character in particular getting a bit of a bump up in comic book collecting value from this movie, I think.
  4. Went to the midnight show. I really really liked event. I also had some of the same problems I've always had with Russo Brothers MCU movies, and they seem a bit more accentuated here as this was a movie that pulled out all the stops. Going to see it again tonight in IMAX 3D. My first impression takeaway is that it was one part a continuation of the story from Infinity War, one part the final two hour episode of a beloved long running TV show. That sums it up for me.
  5. Juuuuuuuuuuust a bit outside (GPA & current expectations)!
  6. Stabbity Bunny 1-7 NM - $35 (includes shipping)
  7. I think the hobby is growing with people finally being able to afford the books they grew up with. I grew up loving Wolverine and the X-men and recently got back into the hobby(about 4-5 years ago). The first book I had to have was Hulk 181 with GSX1 and Xmen 1 not far behind. I've since upgraded several times because there are so many copies out there and plan on keeping mine for awhile. Also, if you'e a marvel junkie (like I am) the mutant books are still super cheap compared to the rest of Marvels A-list characters(Spidey, Hulk etc.). Plus, there are a bunch of other bronze books getting some crazy attention lately like WWBN32:
  8. It doesn’t matter you are who you are. It shows what kind of human being you are. Goodbye now.
  9. Black Monday Murders 1-4 NM - $20 (includes shipping)
  10. No Luke, I am your father.
  11. Reborn #1 CGC 9.8 - $100 (includes shipping)
  12. If you are spending a grand on a book, buy a graded copy and you will know exactly what you are getting.
  13. Batgirl 23 9.8 Middleton Variant - $165 (includes shipping)
  14. This is definitely worth discussion. I really want someone to draw the flow of time like a graphic... even if we have to correct it after further discussion. (Not it!)
  15. Sorry about that CDaBruce - you are correct, they are taken and i forgot to update list properly.
  16. Got a couple of extras for sale. Prices include shipping. Open to offers. Payment via Paypal.
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