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  2. Got copies of these two perennial Heath classics back in the house again..... You can see the shadows from the ripples in the water on the Submarine on # 4 …. I think Russ Heath was the only artist I know of to be able to effectively pull that off. GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  3. By "you" I assume that you don't actually mean me, because I don't try to underpay for a comic, and I don't really sell comics. Anyone who gives a comic some "Golden Age bump" is not being unbiased and is not a fair grader. It should be inherently tougher to receive better grades from older "Ages" because of the history. It's part of the fun in vintage collecting. To be fair to CGC, of the Golden Age comics I've researched and 'watched', none of them appeared to be over-graded. That includes 1940's Action Comics and Superman, Pre-Code Horror, etc. I haven't seen any anecdotal evidence to suggest that they still give GA bumps.
  4. Shazam and Aquaman were far from a mess. And even Man of Steel was solid. But I can tell it doesn't work for you.
  5. Epic Illustrated #3 CGC 9.8 s/s Jim Starlin - $350 (uncirculated copy) 1st appearance of Dreadstar My last 9.8 on this title, one sold on eBay last week at $375
  6. Hi! Please add to the "Black Cat (2019)" set: Black Cat Annual #1 (2495843025) Thanks - Mike
  7. Man I've looked and then looked again (now my eyes are bleeding as Chaykin would say) and still I just cannot find those straight lines except the borders done with a ruler (and -whoosh- more than a bit of slop present even with the ruler ). Here again, because I'll never tire of posting this image... I hope you do realize that this is a complete and utter POS, right? Rick's Arak example, oof, runs circles around it...and typing that physically hurts. Wow. (Nearly) #speechless and #nocomment except...without the signature, I believe everyone (but Glen Gold) would call this a guaranteed forgery. That's just how bad it is. It's so bad it's "good" (as the art world would say), because while all the style is gone just enough of the basic wonky undercarriage is present to see that it is Kirby. I used atrocity to describe Rick's Arak example, this is Atrocity+++ and very much needs to be inked, and by all means erase all the pencils ( ), by Mick or anybody younger than 90...ASAP! The Kirby Estate/Museum folks should have made an offer the owner couldn't refuse to buy it back for insta-destruction (or banishment to the Negative Zone); this being "out there" only diminishes the fine name and reputation of Jacob Kurtzberg.
  8. Happiest of birthdays to your legendary friend Mike! I'm glad he has you to champion his legacy!
  9. I agree 100% hence why I don't understand what is meant when saying there's an issue of opinions here.
  10. Yes, I know exactly what you mean ... I'll just pick-up my crappy books and leave
  11. How so? For the buyers of the spots or the people breaking the law to run a for profit raffle? If its run correctly and on the up and up it is a great way for people with little money to possibly win a big book - basic lotto mentality. You do pay a 20% vig to be part of this fun process which should make most people pause but it is probably less house vig then doing keno or scratch offs.
  12. It either was going to be Tuskmaster... Or Banana Boy... Both would be deadly adversaries indeed.
  13. ok.. so by everyone so when you grade a book to buy your harsher because you want the seller to agree that it could be the lower grade so you can get a deal.. lets say on a raw copy... but when your selling.. most would grade bump GA books you can see this rampant through FB and IG with all the colourful language and "unique" mega keys, etc... names that people use to try to get their comics to see valuable or in a higher grade I've bough from dealers and guys who all talk about well its a GA book or old SA book it could get a high grade or the older label CGC harsher period of times.. so I don't think you can accurately say that GA bump isn't used by many as many do use it when selling books but don't use it when buying.. this is why CGC and the professionals continue to strive and make money... as they try to justify these differences that a buyer and seller.. key word try.. it still doesn't make it 100% fool proof as we have seen the CPR game, Old Label Game, the resubmit game all play into this.. its not a perfect system and never will be as these situations will always occur... and there will can be a GA/SA now bump based on the situation and circumstances.. or my book is the first 250 books printed, etc...
  14. Ask him if he's featured in this video:
  15. Basically impossible to advise without an image to reference. Sorry.
  16. A Tuskmaster on film would probably look ridiculous running around in an actual skeleton mask. It's fine for comics, but in a movie, I think he'd either look like something more appropriate for a horror slasher movie or a Halloween movie. The menace or scariness of Tuskmaster in Black Widow will depend more on the tension the filmmakers can build as the Master tries to kill our heroes, if that's the case. Maybe similar to the Terminator always one step behind Sarah Connor or the unstoppable deputies in the distance coming for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
  17. This is interesting as it seems whenever there is a low sale, it is often followed by a higher sale or vice versa. I think a lot of it has to do with the time of year and also, there seems to be auctions all the time, not just Ebay and Heritage. Many times these auctions run concurrently. Between mycomicshop, pedigree, comicconect, comiclink, hakes, etc., there are numerous auctions. As for videogames affecting comic sales, maybe...i don't know. I do know that I sold my old video games to fund silverage comic book purchases! I think mostly it is the time of the year and come tax refund time in March and April and the convention season, prices will become more stable. Of course, that is just my opinion!
  18. I actually want one too, but at a realistic price, please. Willing to pay up to $10,000 a point. Must present well, which means Sectre's face can't be obfuscated in any way, nor any tape pulls, nor writing, nor chipping on the book. I am willing to consider less-than perfect copies as well, but seller must be realistic with his/her price. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi folks. I don't have a pic as its a very subtle thing and hard to capture so I don't know if anyone can help. Is there a general rule for a mild corner bend through the cover and 2/3 inner pages..? Absolutely definitely no colour break on cover. Would you expect that to knock a whole grade off..? Again sorry no pic but its invisible head on - if you angle the book you can see it but I can't get decent pic.
  20. Fun fact, in Taiwan, "Boba" means a well endowed female. Boba Fett was a female. No shame, just saying it makes more sense. She was more of a lover to Vader who also did his dirty work.
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