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  2. Your thoughts on this- I will be submitting it. Thanks,
  3. Following the Kang sales a little but nothing is in my range anymore. Silver Surfer 4 is still pretty hot as well. Tales of Suspense 94 moves quickly. I have seen many of the first 20 Amazing Spider-Man issues selling briskly and for strong prices. I haven't noticed much fluctuations in DCs... Oh yeah, for Charlton, Fightin' Five 40 is on fire!
  4. Every collector is different. I think the 9.2 is the better investment. The hobby has really shifted toward being grade conscious. Personally I'm less concerned about page quality than many (until you mention the dreaded B word) Once they are entombed, I'm big on presentation. I've bought "lower graded" books that present better.
  5. His sales are essentially impulse buy-it-nows. Two bids with those starting prices would be a thing to see, but he rarely shows us any... Copper Age Outlier Sales on Ebay? Sure, that would be the thread for them.
  6. Back again, and hope you all are doing well! I bought a beat up copy of X-Men #12 at my LCS, and am thinking about getting it graded, mainly for my personal collection. The comic is clearly lower grade, though the cover is still attached at both staples, and the comic is complete. There are 2 pages that have tears on the right side. I don't believe a pressing will help this comic much, or at all. How would you grade this comic? Thank you in advance!
  7. I prefer Sundays. DO you know what titles you are planning to cover?
  8. A bit of a stretch. Not seeing it AT ALL on Strange Tales #116.
  9. I would rather have this copy than anything that is supposed to be "9.6" or other high grades. Awesome book, sir!
  10. As I slowly run out of real life Ross Andru references from his run on Amazing Spider-Man, I find myself tackling a few that I knew were a little harder to dissect. Let's explore Ross's take on the power station near the 59th street bridge (now more commonly referred to as the Queensboro Bridge) from Giant-Size Spider-Man #2. As seen on page 17, Spider-Man swings over the Queensboro Bridge toward the power startion. The first comparison below shows the Ravenswood Generating Station and the Queensboro Bridge. His bridge depiction looks spot on, but the power station doesn't match. The stacks are different sizes when compared to what Ross drew. The support buildings are different. It's just not the same plant. If we fast forward to Amazing Spider-Man 152, Ross draws a perfect rendition of the Ravenswood Generating Station from the other side, namely the Roosevelt Island Bridge. Spidey states that this is the same place he and Shang-Chi fought at back in GS SM #2. So, ASM 152 is the Ravenswood Generating Station but it is not the same power plant that Ross drew earlier in GS SM #2. So, what did Ross draw in GS SM#2? I think he used the Vinegar Hill Power Plant near the Brooklyn Navy Shipyard as his reference. On the last two pics below, I point all the matching points as to why I believe this. The coal conveyors, the four same size stacks, the water tanks in the background. It's not a perfect match, but it is close enough for me to believe this is the plant he used. As I have stated earlier, I work in the power generation industry and I am naturally drawn to these power plants in Ross's work. As a matter of fact, I actually did some work for the Ravenswood Generating Station a few years back. Anyway, I hope at least one other person finds this interesting.
  11. Jeez.... yeah I just reviewed some copies for sale on ebay that are actual photos/scans. These definitely seem to share similar dents/ticks. In retrospect though, it may add artificial value to copies that didn't sustain that type of damage. They will demand more of a premium for nm+ copies of the mcfarlane black cover. It might be rare to get a tight copy with that black cover.
  12. Supes 239, Tarzan lot, Dennis the Menace #1 and Jimmy Olsen #40 freebie! Thanks again Greg!
  13. Best way to contact him is via email
  14. Multiple stores are reporting the same issues. The black covers were even worse.
  15. careless! That book looks crazy over ordered, they are trying to meet that demand set by the gunslinger covers. They are going to hit the wall, though. Collectors won't desire something as heavily printed.
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