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  2. I’m thinking of sending in a few to be pressed/regraded hoping for that 9.8...I’m just wondering if anyone has a reliable way to tell if the book has already been pressed? Any thoughts on these 3 books? I took pictures of what I thought to be the minor flaws that caused the 9.6...
  3. That suspense comics #3 cover looks like something out of Indiana Jones, but almost 40 years earlier. Very cool.
  4. I was thinking along these lines.... are sales between members here on the boards reported, are sales from online or brick and mortar stores that are not auction houses reported, are sales at the many conventions reported, are sales between me and my neighbor reported? If you consider all the transactions that are falling outside what GPA is reporting, 40% may be pretty generous. Is there any way to know for sure, probably not!
  5. Sha - is this Zen? Whatever it is... it's a beautiful life philosophy. Thanks for sharing with the group. I will try my best to do so. Frank
  6. I see profiles in history is selling the original art and table of contents page to the classic 1950's Harvey horror story "Colorama" and its just $400 at this point. They have. TON of EC original stories, I like "I Rocket", "Bellyful" etc which are gonna be sold this coming week. "
  7. I see I kept a scan of my 35 too - Hawk man appreciation!
  8. I agree, and my guess is that prices just aren't high enough for the real big-money speculators to consider it worth their time.
  9. I think I got too used to collecting Golden Age where there are often zero copies available, online or otherwise.
  10. Here's an example of how Romita Sr. guided a penciller. Like Romita, Mooney came to ASM with experience drawing gorgeous women, but Romita's experience was on Romance titles, and he specialized in classy ladies. Mooney had drawn wholesome girls, too (Supergirl, for one) he had also done soft core porny things like "Pussycat," and when he was first put on inking Gwen (Spectacular Spider-man 1), she bore a little too much resemblance to that often-bare heroine. So Romita (and maybe Lee) stepped in to have Giacoia ink some of the more pivotal moments with Gwen (Spectacular Spider-man 2), while Romita gently prodded Mooney with some suggestions, which Mooney processed brilliantly by the time he got to the heartfelt moment in panel ASM 68.
  11. I was lucky enough to pick up a 34 in the last one of October's sales. It was one of those times where I didn't really have the money, but I HAD to act! I don't recall October's grade on it, but probably the nicest copy I'll be able to sort of afford....,
  12. Great point. It would make sense if there is a lot more fine art I'm unaware of that is accessible. My gut still tells me there are some big differences in the amount of wealth and type of wealth involved in the two markets, but a gut feeling is nothing to go on.
  13. I have X-Men in my booth between issues 40-90..I would trade it all for the right slab or take 33% off if someone wants it all.
  14. The books I consigned to Heritage are finally making their way to auctions Of the 100+ books I left with the, they broke them up into 25 lots with the first 16 closing later today. Best book for today is a Low grade Hulk #2 signed by Stan Lee If anyone is interested I have 2 threads in the Market Place section All of these are with no reserve. I was worried when my VG Atom 1 was languishing at $1. At least the $200 book is now up to $26 As I type this the 16 lots of raw books are totaling just under 1900 They sent off 4 of my raw books for grading including my Hulk 181 The remaining 9 auctions are all for slabbed books with a 6.0 All Flash coming up next week. 4 of my books will be in the February 27-29 Signature auction led by a 6.5 Special Edition #1 As a recognition of the board I will buy books ( preferably Four COlors or Classics Illustrateds ) from anyone who wins one of my auctions from Heritage
  15. That's the kind of money I was referring to, people who throw away 150k on a banana or buy a Picasso for fun. There's also a lot of money laundering in high-end art, which can really drive the prices up. I was thinking it doesn't seem like all of that money's interested in comics art.
  16. This is because you're reducing something even more interesting and diverse than comic art to the handful of seven-to-nine figure headlines that come out of the auction houses each year. Making that mistake is no different than the outsider to our hobby making assumptions on HA and CLink headlines in isolation.
  17. Census numbers only matter slightly if a book is collectible and would warrant grading. Issues 3 and 5 aren't keys (*5 is 2nd Shadow Thief) so don't warrant grading making the numbers low. I compared Hawkman 4 to those issues because they sell for similar prices in mid-grade range, and are both "hawt." The comparison was made because more Marvel books survived than DC, as often Marvel books were bought by collectors and preserved, while DC books were by children and often tossed out. SA DC books are more rare than SA Marvel, so if the interest of the market ever shifts from Marvel to DC, you'll see a pretty good increase in DC prices. So when I say "fairly rare," compare it to the competition and you'll see what I am talking about. And yes 40-50 copies can be a sort of "rare." You're on eBay, the books are from all around the world. I've never seen a Hawkman 4 in the wild or at a con. Try to find it at a con or in the wild and tell me it isn't "fairly" hard to find or "rare." P.S. That 9.2 is a beauty. I've a measly raw 3.0 and 1.8. Gotta love Murphy Anderson tho. And Joe Kubert... (here's my 34, about a 2.5)
  18. Out Monday so far Traynight - Large box Spudsonahalfshell
  19. Top 2 lots in a hidden gem 1: COLORAMA orignal 5 page story art and table of contents page with panel(rare). This is a true classic of the 50' black Cat #45 and has been reprinted without table of contents page and of course the original cover art is considered a classic also. 6 pages total with bid at only $400. Interesting to note its was slightly modified in one panel when reprinted under the code, plus a word balloon at the end. I can't believe this is not in the major auction section. The comic book art and story are GREAT. 2-I ROCKET-EC at its best, pure energy. This is an example how far the comic art form can go with you have a publisher who cares, an author who writes a great story, and of course the best original art artists combo every assembled. Great stuff
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