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  2. Back cover looks like a 9.8 front a 9.4 so maybe they rounded it out
  3. I lied. I forgot to buy a wacky card for the package. Will be doing that on the way home this afternoon. Ship it out tomorrow.
  4. You're mean for calling us "mean"! It's the CGC way... We only lightly haze, because, how often to we get drive-by posters looking to make a million dollars by entering the collectible selling business with no prior experience or interest in the hobby?
  5. Thanks for the nice comments everyone.
  6. All 3 picked up off of ebay. 1 at a con, 1 from a dealer at his apartment, and 1 from cgc boards. Green labels do not affect story (spidey) but did affect my ability to purchase in 2020 I'm going for ff48, and 12, as well as jim 85.
  7. $130. Obo. Only 2 9.8s on census. Shipped U.S. only. PayPal. Priority mail. No returns
  8. Today
  9. I disagree. The wonderfully blended actual history and efforts to tell new and old character back stories (including who Hooded Justice was and why) has been very interesting. Especially how the show has kept these details in line with the Watchmen source material.
  10. I think that was pretty good and sets the bar for this book
  11. I agree! I don`t think it`s a bubble either. From what I can see the demand is only getting stronger, that along with (in my opinion) a good amount of the copies that have recently been sold will most likely end up tucked away in personal collections. This will then continue to drive the prices of Mask #1 and Mask #2 up! Strong demand and a dwindling supply along with both books being two of L.B.Cole`s most sought after comic books definitely adds fuel to the fire!
  12. Dean, I see only a small difference between last night's CC AF15 and the CL AF15 but not enough to justify an almost 70K gap in hammer price between the two. There can't be that many buyers at that level, and with less potential buyers in that pool with every 8.0 sale the more it will adversely affect price imo.
  13. Jax said thank you very much. He really needed that boost, Hes going thru a "I feel ugly faze" Mystafo I would like to point out that just because you were a little confused about my statement does not conclusively prove anything. To be fair. You could just be slow// now hold on...pump the breaks. theirs no shame here. maybe the umbilical cord got a little twisted. were you ever dropped? How do you feel about cerebral hematoma. Have you been tested? come on , I am gonna drive you over to this Dr. friend of mine, Hes a great proctologist and were going to have him test you for brain damage . but great taste in Dogs Now to be fair, I am going to consider my side of the fence for a moment . NAH I'm totally sane Here is another way to look at it ( Says the mouse who is walking across the mirror) in a numerical system where too fine of a point is being assigned, or if human judgement is the catalyst assigning a value on or near a point of diminishing return. Said results now become argumentative and subjective. open to interpretation. The blue ball - if i ask you what color the ball is, You say blue , I say blue on Saturday when asked again. we both still agree its blue by assigning a numerical value there is a high probability that the ball is indeed blue and shall remain blue. this math is pure and strong until the someone is color blind comes along and destroys all our careful calculations and hard work..THAT is more chaotic math. I am still not ruling out that you could be slow Jax , heard you were slow and wants to give you a milk bone dog biscuit
  14. Thanks brother!!! Dang man let’s track it down!! I think the boom of the internet with ebay and all the other auctions sites of course has definitely shed a light on what is truly hard to find/rare nowadays. I am sure you have only seen a handful of copies since maybe some of the same copy more than once but still it’s a tough one in any grade. Appreciate it my friend!!
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