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  2. How long should one wait for a buyer to complete their invoice purchase on here? Just curious.
  3. seems like coupons that apply to collectibles are dead
  4. Ready for this week's edition of, "Why you should NEVER buy MOC GI Joes?" I saw this posted for sale. I would imagine that if someone had bought this pre-snap then they spent at least twice as much on it.
  5. Hi, Could you please add Issue #18 2nd print to Thanos (2017) collection? Im trying to add CGC registration number #2009728015 thank you, Kurt
  6. still something glued there. It has the feel of a small piece of cardboard. Maybe some type of label where the paper surface of it wore/peeled off?
  7. This day and age, given our current divisive environment, there is only one person who can bring the world together by playing James Bond.
  8. Should be a good weekend with the last minute people that want to see this before Endgame.
  9. The Hawaii point is interesting. I bet they were distributed there for purposes of being sold to servicemen. I wonder if other strategic military outposts outside the US similarly had Action 1's sold there.
  10. This is one of the more interesting auctions in recent times fo me. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman 1, all unrestored Amazing group of Marvel Mystery Amazing group of Captain America A little Neal Adams Amazing group of Peanuts dailies and one Sunday Jim Aparo Batman cover GA Batman panel page Romita early Mary Jane panel page 3 decent Watchman pages Avengers 3 page Several nice Byrne pages Ton of DC covers and splashes X--men double splash Barry Smith Conan cover Oh yeah and two Frazetta painting and some sketches.
  11. I would leave it alone. It looks like there may be artwork underneath.
  12. My pick to succeed Craig was Richard Armitage, but, like Elba, he's no longer young enough to carry the franchise forward. I think Fassbender could pull it off admirably, but, he hasn't shown any interest in doing so. I'll keep an open mind on Turner (Poldark), but, a skinny pretty boy would not be my first choice for the role (same would apply to Hiddleston and other mooted candidates). Hard pass on Cillian Murphy. I don't see Hemsworth or Henry Cavill in the role, personally.
  13. Thank you both for the responses. You can see the page in question here. This is not a piece with any historical significance, just one from a favorite GL story. You can see tape in multiple places, and I know from other pieces that this was done on multiple pages in the storyline. It’s original, which is interesting from a process perspective, but also means it’s been there for about 21 years now. My concern is not so much about presentation as preservation. It’s not an expensive piece, but I would hate to buy it, let the tape sit, and have irreparable damage done to a great page. It’s not something I would probably try to remove myself (unless it’s just barely hanging on), but I am interested to know what long term effects can be expected from late-‘90s scotch tape on comic art. Maybe they make it better than they used to. Tape/adhesives are not in my realm of expertise.
  14. Just curious if it was cause I'm waiting to do it through them too, and I was wondering if I had missed it?
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