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  2. There was nothing contentious about my last post here, maybe in 1976, but certainly not now. So, move along now . . . nothing to see here.
  3. It's been almost 4 months since the last Gabe sighting. I guess this thread has fizzled out.
  4. I've actually thought about this and never found an answer. I think my issue with pressing comes from the tanning it causes to front and back covers. This is especially evident in white cover issues (avengers 4, DD1, X-men 1, etc...). The idea of placing a barrier between the interior pages and front cover to keep acid transfer to a minimum is the entire reason I would consider this. I have yet to hear anything conclusive, but I agree, adding extra variables to an already delicate process seems like it could only increase potential mistakes.
  5. Just imagine Hulk on cocaine...... And this would have made the Dave Chappelle Rick James episode about the Murphys and James "feud" so much more interesting. "What the 5 fingers say to the face" would have killed Charlie Murphy....
  6. That Thrilling Confessions is a Canadian isn't it
  7. I thought it was in MadDogz gallery
  8. Why did I think you owned those? Lol. Let me check
  9. The news is reporting that the second coming got picked up in Arizona. Should be at least 3 days in the joint before he can see a judge for an extradition hearing.
  10. For sure. All the Caps were 1.5x+ in the 90s when I was looking. Finally got a Cap 4 and 34 (D copy) and they were over guide.
  11. So wouldn't it be easier if they just told you - "Hey, we will grade this a 9.8 when we finish, but the value will go up so much that we don't think $5K covers what we are bringing to the table, so why don't you pay us for 3 resubs now and we'll call it even."
  12. John's lineage only matters if you believe that the throne rightfully belonged to the Targaryans, and the only person who thought that was killed by John.
  13. I bought my first cap in the late 80s and it was over guide, the best collection of Caps I ever purchased was in the mid 90s and they all sold quickly for over guide. Has there ever been a time when Caps didn't sell for 1.5x guide (at a minimum) or more? One of the strange things Overstreet hasn't been able to correct in 40 years.
  14. First - rules: No bad people, if you say you're gonna pay, better pay. For this I will only accept Check or Money Order (US funds only) - have to clear before sending out book. Suitcases of cash work as well. Shipping will be FREE Registered Mail fully insured (may take longer, but you will get it safe and sound). No overseas, will do Canada if you can explain how I can do the equivalent of Registered mail (or some other secure sending) and should also be free unless it is way more expensive than shipping in the US. Will list this through the end of the Holiday weekend (end of day Monday). Amazing Spider-Man 1, CGC 3.5 with Off White pages. 1st appearance of J. Jonah Jamison and Chameleon. Fantastic Four X-over, Origin of Spider-Man retold. Ditko cover and art. Book presents really well, structurally looks a lot better (if this doesn't sell here I go back to my original plan of taking it to my trusted presser and see what magic he can do with it), has some water staining along the spine, mostly visible on the back, but a little on the front and bottom. Has some waviness but not rippling as usual with water damage. Has not been pressed or cleaned before. Can take more pictures if needed. Asking $7,500.
  15. John's lineage only matters if you believe that the throne rightfully belonged to the Targaryans, and the only person who thought that was killed by John.
  16. Anyone can bid $3K on books. Being able to pay for said $3Ks worth of books is an entirely different kettle of fish. We haven't yet heard from marmat...
  17. I've had 3 copies of the annual. One had no first issues. The second had one. Back in the 70s and 80s EC collectors would correspond and a hot topic was the contents of annuals. NO ONE had a copy with 3 first issues and a # 2. Mine was the only copy.
  18. I picked up two nice DC 4 packs, still sealed and rock solid NM copies! Batman 179, Jimmy 91, Flash 159, Jerry Lewis 93 Flash 164, JLA 47, Detective 355, World's Finest 160
  19. If any of you are interested in movie and television make-up I highly recommend a book called "Making a monster" written by Al Taylor, it covers all of the most famous make-up artists at that time. If you want to read it free clink on this link.
  20. I'm not crying, Bob, I've got something in my eye - that's all...
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