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  2. OK, gonna kick off the rest of the books, these are all DCs ... Action Comics #266 Fair/Good $14 tape on front cover, tanning
  3. Something that just happened reinforced my belief in this matter... So as some saw I posted some Star Wars and other associated Lego sets this week. I received some views but not a single tire kicker. Now, I have been told before that my prices are too high with certain things. I posted the Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle here for $140. In case anyone made me an offer I would have dropped it probably down to $130 and maybe $125. There were not even any tire kickers... so I pulled them late yesterday afternoon and listed the Harry Potter set on eBay for $155. I am about to box it up as it just sold for that amount. I have no problem selling things I no longer want here and even at a discount... but without that rule listed I really should always be offering everything on eBay first.
  4. Ideally, I would prefer to sell to a fellow collector who would enjoy my collection hopefully as much as I did. However, a sale is a sale and getting what I feel is a fair offer is what matters at the end of the day regardless of selling to a collector or dealer. The one thing I can't stand is selling to someone who claims they are a collector and not a dealer and then just wants to flip the books anyways. I'd rather have you be honest with me from the start. If you want to buy the books to flip that's fine. There are so many posts out there on social media that say they're a collector and sell to them because of that but they're just flippers who don't sell comics full time.
  5. Economy Fast Track Delivered to CGC 3/28 Scheduled for grading 4/2 Grading/Quality Control 4/25/19
  6. Hi all, A few pieces for sale. It is not taxes, sickness or divorce, but just a moment I can do without the following pieces. If interested, message me. $1k OBO ASM bronze age page Ross Andru, no spidey $1k OBO Popeye issue 1, an interior page from 1948 $1300 OBO Doc Ock Splash Pat Oliffe $2k OBO Mike Mayhew painted cover Battlestar Galactica 1 $3500 OBO Sleepwalker Cover $7500 OBO Silver Surfer cover Regards, James Cawley
  7. Got some good advice to add more pictures of the intricacies of the book as to ease anyone on the fence or questioning the quality of the book. I understand it's raw and can be dicey buying a book this expensive that way. I wouldn't even be listing this book if funds weren't needed for a more important purchase, it's one of if not my favorite book! With that said, it was bought from a super reputable seller that looked it over for me prior to purchase and assured there was no surprises or restoration. So I am open to offers on the book. The new pictures have been added to the mix. Thanks everyone!
  8. They make a gross profit (i.e. we sell more than the Diamond cost), but not enough to make a net profit when you factor in the staff time, and the overhead cost of the space they occupy.
  9. never made it to the Rose Bowl even tho it's blocks from my house. Usually tired from work.
  10. Hello this is a paid sponser announcement..or something..Books ending tonight at 9pst all started at 19.99..then a new batch of goodness including an Army of Darkness #1 in 9.8 Sam Raimi would be proud.... Moon Knight #27 and a G.I.Joe 43 both in 9.8 be there or be square check any of the funky links above
  11. Remaining Books. All 10% off. Man bat 1 2 VG/F lot for $5 Adventure Comics 431 432 VG's lot for $10 Sandman 1 VG's $4 Sandman 1 VG's $4 Blitzkrieg 1 VG $3 Dingbats 1 $3 Dingbats 1 $3 1st issue speacial 7 Creeper Fine $3 Hercules 1-4 lot for $6 Ragman 1 $2 Claw 1-9 lot f0r $10 Freedom Fighters 1 $3 Freedom Fighters 1 $3 DC lot of 4 for $12 Kung Fu Fighter 1-7 Fine lot for $35 1st Issue Special lot of 8 for $30 1st Issue Special lot 4 for $15 Kung Fu FIghter 5 VG- $8 Black Magic 5 8 for $5 Joker 3 4 both for $15 Joker 3 4 lot B both for $10 Plop 1 VG/F 14 15 17 18 19 VF to VFNM lot for $25 DC Lot $20 Demon Set of 1-16 for $85 Rima 1 2 3 5 6 7 lot for $9 Justice League 56 VG $8 Weird Worlds 8 9 10 lot for $15 Korak 47 56 57 lot for $6 Korak 61-64 lot for $12 Debbi 3 $3 Unexpected 186 NM $8 Unexpected 190 VF $4 Unexpected 195 VF $4 Unexpected 191 VFNM $9 Unexpected 201 NM-/NM $5 Witching Hour 48 NM-/NM $10 Witching Hour 50 VF- $4 House of Mystery 227 Fine/VF $7 House of Mystery 302 VFNM $7 House of Mystery 312 VFNM $7 Weird Mystery Tales 24 F/VF $2 House of Mystery 191 VG+ $6 House of Mystery 176 VG- $6 House of Mystery 229 F- $6 House of Mystery 227 F- $6 House of Mystery 226 VG/F $5 Witching Hour 21 VG $6 Beyond the Unknown 8 VG $3 Unexpected 160 Fine $5 Phantom Stranger 37 VFNM $7 Phantom Stranger 37 VF $4 Phantom Stranger 36 F $3 Phantom Stranger 29 F/VF $5 Weird War 70 79 bot for $5 Weird War 34 35 36 37 38 43 lot of 6 for $30 Weird War 16 21 22 lot for $15 Lot of 3 for $10 Witching Hour 13 VF- $28 House of Secrets 106 Fine $8 Weird Mystery Tales SS 4 VG $20 Witching Hour 13 F/VF $22 Wonder Woman 130 Fine+ $39 Wonder Woman 134 Fine+ $39 Wonder Woman 137 Fine- $30 Wonder Woman 168 Fine- $15 Wonder Woman 224 VFNM $6 Robin Hood 8 F/VF $55 Flash 108 G/VG $65 Wonder Woman 61 G/VG $99 Wonder Woman 68 Good- $75 Wonder Woman 75 Poor $35 Jimmy Olsen 13 Good- $9 Worlds Finest 129 VG $9 Worlds Finest 140 Fine- $12 Action 396 VF- $4 Superboy 181 NM- $9 Forever People 7 VF $6 Superman 321 NM $5 Atom 16 VG/F $4 Showcase 36 Good $12 Wonder Woman 197 Fine $7 Blackhawk 169 172 174 175 lot for $15 Tomahawk 25 Good $6 Teen Titans 28 $4 Our Fighting Forces 138 154 both for $3 Star Spangled w Enemy Ace 145 F/VF $10 Star Spangled w Enemy Ace 149 VF- $10 Star Spangled w Enemy Ace 146 F/VF $6 GI Combat 260 $4 GI Combat 280 $4 House of Secrets 51 G/VG $5 House of Secrets 68 VG+ $5 Detective 299 VG $16 Detective 307 G/VG $8 Detective 310 VG- $10 Detective 316 VG/F $15 Detective 316 F- $18 Detective lot 329 333 334 335 336 337 338 for $35 Detective 346 357 360 368 372 lot for $24 Detective 386 VG $8 Detective 391 393 VG- both for $8 Detective 420 429 435 VG lot $15 Detective 448 VFNM $12 Detective 534 VFNM Batman 339 NM both for $20 Detective 485 NM- $12 Detective 483 NM- $15 Batman 191 VG+ $9 Green Lantern 90 NM- $9 Warlord 1 2 Special 8 lot for $15 Jimmy Olsen 135 VFNM $55
  12. In no particular order: Yes, no,no,no,yes, yes, yes and yes.
  13. Bingo! Finally decided to have it graded since it was too nice of a copy to read and I figured if I ever sell it then it should be graded. Came back a 9.8 so I guess either the rest of the book was that nice or the printers crease wasn't counted as a defect. This was a really nice looking book raw and the crease was small, pretty much unnoticeable in the CGC case. Honestly, I think this book presented much nicer in hand and in the case than other 9.8's with smaller defects (small bends, small spine tick, extra ink from manufacturer). Just figured I would post in case people were curious about PC and how they affect grading. You can see the PC clearly in the original post above.
  14. Yeah, but I never thought of the Living Tribunal as a key character...
  15. where are our international brethren, many of whom are bound to have seen it by now?!?!?!
  16. You're still young, Chris. I'm 65 now, and have already sold off my entire collection of SA slabs, along with the first few longboxes of Bronze and Copper comics that I bought off the rack. So the mindset of being in a selling mode to raise the cash and free the space is already familiar.
  17. So... Interesting... As I have mentioned I only use the eBay Global Shipping Program to ship internationally. The fees were quite prohibitive especially for a $90 comic book. However, there is absolutely no way I am shipping anything to Brazil without the extra layer of protection that is offered. Aside from that, my fees are assessed only at the $90 as well as the $9 part of the shipping and handling that it costs to send it to Kentucky. I know GSP is not a favorite of many people but for many areas of the world, it is the only method I will use to ship it to certain nations.
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