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  2. Now that would be thing. Imagine the future buyer discovering it. Not enough magic in the world GomerP. Do it
  3. What an idea. Perhaps I'll buy the "No answer for your questions" SD letter and hide it inside my copy of Mysterious Suspense... featuring...The Question. I wonder if CGC will encapsulate a Ditko letter attached to a back of a comic book for all to see inside a case?
  4. Post your GA covers with military or home front defeat of fascism themes, patriotic parades, heroism, etc. I'll start it off with a few...
  5. Still dreamy. Happy to know this is boardie-owned.
  6. One of those books should look familiar.
  7. Anyone else willing to comment on the backstory of these two specific examples?...Any information regarding their "grade" would be appreciated [before I place another less than informed bid...] Most likely graded by Steve and West, the original person that started up CGC along with its long time GA grader. Decades of grading experience as opposed to the relative newbies at CGC in comparison, so you should be good to go with the grades. That is, of course unless you think all of the slabbed books graded by CGC during the first 15 years or thereabouts of their existence are invalid and needs to all be regraded. The 36 used to be mine. I won it on Heritage 3 yrs ago. I sent it to CCS to be subsequently graded by CGC. Matt Nelson strongly suspected a married back cover so it never was. CBCS had it as "Conserved", he didn't think so. Needless to say got rid of the book. It has exchanged hands at least twice since then. Now it is back on the auction block. If CGC would grade that Tec 38 a 3.0 I would be VERY disappointed.
  8. Ok, I will return back in the morning to continue as you resume. Great thread!
  9. OK, Im pretty tired but back at it tomorrow with 50 X-Men (or thereabouts) and 50 Alternate Titles
  10. Hardly normal. Here's normal: Those pictures don't prove anything. The only thing they show is different comic books with scans and pictures taken by different devices. In order to show that comics have been damaged with pressing you'd need before and after pictures taken by the same camera or scanner. You can't compare different books to each other and you can't even compare the same book with images taken by different devices. I'm sorry, but I've had many books pressed (as have many others on this forum) and have not had any of the experiences you have had. And after many years, I've never heard anyone else complain about this either.
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  12. Hey, did anybody here just snapped up this copy of Archie 46 from Heritage: I was totally planning to raised my bid for this book when the auction got closer to its end earlier today. Ended up forgetting all about it as I must have been totally tripped out watching that super weird and definitely oddball Doom Patrol series on TV.
  13. To a dwarf nazi clown with a hatchet...
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