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  2. I told wifey we could go this weekend. I heard bad but like you say it seems to be doing okay and some reviews like it so why not?
  3. I wonder who takes credit for half the plagiarized characters in most comic books? IMO Dr.Strange was original and if Ditko created Spiderman I can understand his animosity towards Stan Lee. It isn't Steve Ditko in cameo in every single Marvel movie. Ditko is Tesla to Lee's Edison. Most people outside of the collecting community wouldn't even know who Steve Ditko is, but they would know who Stan Lee is.
  4. The 5th copy I’ve ever owned but the first SS of the book I’ve ever owned.
  5. That's Awesome! Congrats! You Knew how to Pick'em
  6. I've had this tucked away since about 2007(?) and recently sent it in for grading. Got it back yesterday so I thought that I would join the club.
  7. My understanding is he did less than 20 essays on Marvel in the 53 years he was gone from there, and said everything he wanted to say in them. Yeah, not his best stuff. But...the first one from 1999, he was 72 years old. He was still cranking them out in 2016 at the age of 89!
  8. Is this a good show. I'm not really into animation but maybe it helps out Deathstroke's career and moves into a possible movie.
  9. That's interesting. Learned a few things. Thanks
  10. SOLD via P.M. ASM 4,7,27, and 38 (CGC) …. GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  11. I had the same thing with my MAD subscription. They just kept auto renewed it and charged my card without my permission. How they can do that is beyond me. I spent a half an hour on the phone yesterday to get it canceled. MAD has been going downhill for years but out of love for it (I’ve been buying it since #72), I kept it going. Starting with the newest re-numbered #12, it is now all reprints. So now is the time to throw in the towel...
  12. Good luck! My wife is a big Indigo Girls fan and I have kept my eye out for decades for the art.
  13. I think another thing for collectors in their 50s and 60s is market fatigue. Even the stuff coming to market now that we "haven't seen" we mostly have seen, just on guys' walls at conventions year after year. If you've been in the hobby long enough, there's truly little new material out there. I rarely bid on stuff in part because I've seen most of it 10 or 20 years before. I'm thinking of what seem to be genuinely high results -- the Dr Doom origin book did pretty well, but it's not like even that one came out of nowhere. It was around, but just not officially for sale. If something people aren't tracking, like Hulk 1 or FF 4, pops up and breaks up, maybe we'll have a better idea of how excited the market is for his stuff.
  14. It sounds like the movie is doing quite successful, despite mixed reviews! I might have to take a trip down to the movie theater and check it out
  15. Looks like Batman #89 is getting the Teen Titans #12 treatment by the market. Talking to my file LCS owner last night, it sounds like even DC was surprised by the demand for the book. 1st appearance = $$$$ the first week in today's market.
  16. yes, sure. It is truly impossible to know but it is a commonly accepted story for the most part, and as I said I recall reading some more thorough discussions about it and the gist being that is atypical of what he did with his art. I admire him and have so said earlier, but he was human and when I read those essays I see someone bitter about the topic. He wouldn't talk spider-man but he sure would opine on his own about the time at marvel and thoughts it spurred! He doesn't seem bitter as a person I will add. One more thing...those 160 page Ditko packages were pretty bad. He was no longer telling a story first and foremost...backgrounds were lacking almost entirely and linework was simple. His art was stripped down to basics and lacked impact. At least on the batch I got, I dodn't re-order I don't think.
  17. If anyone has any leads on original art done by Jaime Hernandez for the Indigo Girls album, All That We Let In, please shoot me a PM.
  18. You’re right my bad, it’s his second story arc.
  19. My copy of the previous one is pretty battered. Creased and the pages have come unglued from the cover. New one on order!
  20. This nice Thor vs. Hercules page by John Buscema is up for auction ending on March 4th.
  21. Previous to the Marvel era, many artists used their old artwork to cut up and reuse. Not saying it’s a 100% true story or not, it’s impossible to know, but given his nature in regards to not idolizing the work, it wouldn’t surprise me if he used it the same way.
  22. Cheers MM - I've been emailing on ebay and it seems those books don't have the page either. Looks like rough ASM14 is the only way I'm going to get it.
  23. Do you mean no 30 or 35 cent variants with the inserts?
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