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  2. Don't know. What I do know is that I'll be relaunching my "Hepcat Will Still Be Hepcat" thread sometime soon in Comics General.
  3. This was the $2.49 variant I won about a month back. It's a 9.2-9.4, so I'm pretty happy. As I've noted before, I only track the X-Mens and this Hulk. Slim pickings over the last six months, as practically NO X-Mens have hit the market. In fact, I'm glad I found my #93s when I did, as I haven't seen any price variants of that issue for about 2 years.
  4. Don't let them scare you-- we've done a bunch of sales threads over the years and haven't had a single bad experience. I second (third?) the sentiment to read through, understand and follow the rules for posting sale items. Good luck!
  5. what do you mean by Robinhood of comics? do you mean rob from the rich and give to the poor because of a tyrant lord taxes the poor into poverty? (Disney) version I believe.
  6. Why does he have to be ruthless? He was consistent in not being that way, and I was fine with it. He probably wouldn't carry the series being ruthless, it'd turn most viewers off.
  7. that's a huge panzo !! where's the side of marinara? Was Tony's on the show "you gotta eat here!" I remember him doing a pizza joint in London or somewhere I wanted to visit it one day.
  8. Thanks for the correction!!! That's why these boards are great.
  9. Thanos 13 Albuquerque 9.8 Teen Titans 12 9.8 That is about $1000 Noticed that the 1st print of Thanos 13 has ascended up the gocollect hottest comics (not sure why) Also I can't see why a comic that is 2 years old has reached its ceiling yet.
  10. I am not a comic shop owner.. but I have to think this question has a lot of un answered variables that are specific to each shop owner. 1. Such as finances of the shop.. what can they afford... 2. How much traffic do they have through their stores? 3. What kind of customers do they have? 4. what kind of profit is to be had on the books? 5. What is their store like? 6. Do they do only online do they do brick and mortar and online, do they do most brick and mortar? 7. Do they do Conventions? 8. What is the size of the store? 9. What are their overhead/expenses? 10. Do they think they might be able to sell that book quickly or the 3 books? 11. all the other many many variables that goes into a sale. If your looking for yourself of what to do you can answer all the questions I stated above and you might get a better response or realize for yourself what you would do..
  11. Come to Tony's on Dundas Street in London, Ontario or Louie's Pizza in Ingersoll, Ontario for the panzerotti!
  12. Fantastic Four #44: $70 VF range. Sharp colours. Some non colour-breaking creases that only appear more visible under light. OW-W pages.
  13. A new addition to my CAF For Sale or Trade Gallery...Batman and Robin!
  14. this exactly.. I read the same thing in a thread here before where someone had tape on a 8.5 grade
  15. Is that what the current truth is? Used to be you could make one in a lab. There were several: Beyonder/Molecule Man, Shaper Of Worlds... the first mention was from the laboratories of Advanced Idea Mechanics.
  16. Valid points, I am quite surprised and a little impressed how many investors & shares have been bought out. I think each share is worth $75 and from my understanding after doing a bit of research, it is like the Robinhood of comic books, and it would be registered with the SEC, so legitimate investment. There is a company called Rally RD which does something similar but with collectible cars, and they had a lot of success. So WE SHALL SEE.
  17. wow interesting that this thread was made back in 2013...
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