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  2. +1 No way that gets beat down to a 1.0... I have a 1.5 coming back from CGC that appears roughly the same to slightly worse.
  3. If he ever read the boards he would. Since he only randomly posts, uhhh....he probably will be the last to know.
  4. You may have missed the discussion, but some book mechanic tortured the book into a 9.4.
  5. Masterpiece by Jack Kamen and Al Feldstein Really happy with this one!
  6. Weird Comics No. 1 from 1940.... Lou Fine goodness!
  7. Some Xela mail order catalog covers circa 1998 printed /written by Matt Schiffman of Oregon, USA. I bought a portable black light from him and then greggy used up the battery.
  8. Went through one page. Is there any chance of getting a blue label meaning can all the restoration be removed at this point? Thanks again
  9. Ummm...does Mike know that he might be open to that?
  10. The Windy City MC 1 (CGC 9.4 OW) on Heritage has now officially entered into record price territory at $492K (with buyer's premium). Five days to go. How high will it fly? I continue to think it should top the San Francisco/Reilly CA 1 (CGC 9.4 W) that hit $915K in August. But will it beat out the All Star 8 (CGC 9.4 W)? Can it become the eighth example of a comic book and fourth issue (with Action 1, D27 and AF 15) to top $1M? You tell me.
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