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  2. That’s genius. Raising the dead at Winterfell to maybe attack Bran from within the walls. Don’t worry Bran, Theon can’t jump ship this time.
  3. That makes sense, everything else is pre 1975 which would be normal for a non modern tier, the GSXM #1 Is a modern but is good that you sent it a different tier due to insurance etc But that explains why it says "modern", because technically it could be the modern tier.... hope that helps...
  4. My auction ended today for a NextMen21 CGC9.8 for $330. And immediately I get this message My response was do whatever you want. And then I canceled the deal but damn I hate getting my time wasted.
  5. Sentinels i think is the most undervalued silver xmen key.
  6. This guy also thinks Dr Strange is the best MCU movie. I don't care what some 40 year old white dude thinks about a movie that wasn't made for him. I'll be my own judge, thank you VERY much! Omg, I love Brie Larson so much I'm starting to type like her...
  7. In all likelihood it's a universal label. The only thing is they probably denote it as modern because the other books might fall into a different priced tier. I just looked at all my recent subs which were SA/BA books and they're all marked as Universal.
  8. Just playing But it would help if we could see the rest of the screen... I have a vale sub coming up that will be my first sub that I'll be able to track... So I'm curious what it is all about
  9. Hey any still wondering if any one can help me out with question I had back a page.
  10. Very cool! A nice added bonus! I love when that happens!
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