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  2. How do you tie the physical location of a piece to the information on your spreadsheets? I like to move my art around, and it has frustrated my attempts to find related information on any sort of organized table. Do you assign a permanent number to the piece which you add to the spreadsheet and track it that way? Any ideas?
  3. This definitely describes a persons perspective Now 1. Deadpool 2. Joker 3. Batman who laughs 4. Darkseid 5. Carnage As a Kid growing up 1. Batman 2. Spiderman 3. Superman 4. Joker 5. Carnage
  4. When it pops up on a streaming platform I subscribe to and I have absolutely nothing else to watch..... might watch it then.
  5. Swamp Thing Space Odyssey by Alan Moore A big chunk of Alan Moore's final Swamp Thing story arc
  6. Oops I think that little secret is not often repeated Mike and is only a rumour.
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  8. A thought about archival, self adhesive mylar corners... I used to have these on a fair number of pieces in my collection. I liked them because they make it super easy to occasionally swop standard comic pages out of a frame. Allowed me to change things over every couple of years or so, fairly easily. Especially when I was hanging a lot of very similar pieces, like Tim Sale Long Halloween pages. What I learned about them is that if (and this is a big if that can have all kinds of side effects), but IF the piece falls from the wall, that mylar and glue are not going to move. The art on the otherhand is not affixed to anything, and there is no real friction to help hold onto it, if it's not sandwiched between a backer and a top mat. So when the art is only gripped by these corners, it may continue to try and move as the frame hits the floor. So if you are real lucky, the mylar corners will pop loose when the frame hits the floor. If you are less lucky, the art itself will get kinked or even small tears at the edges of the mylar. With comic art board, I've only ever seen dings. With thinner paper stocks, I've seen actual minor tearing. Thankfully the only thing of mine to ever fall off a wall was during a minor earthquake we had here on the east coast a number of years ago, and that was a freak incident. Though if I lived in earthquake country, I'd be thinking very seriously about japanese hinges (they are made for such drops), plexiglass, and not free-floating anything of significant value. Just my .02¢
  9. Zero point to a book I bought from @Point Five
  10. Besides Ebay sold , is there an online resource for pulp prices ? I seen a few covers that tickle my senses and i'm not sure if the prices are good or bad .
  11. OK, what’s hot now? I have been away for about a year, I need to know as I need to flip!
  12. Yes! Von Daniken – I recalled the name but Google did not help me to nail it! The idea for the Eternals is entirely based on his fascination for these concepts (maybe he even stated that explicitly at the time). As extravagant as they were the theories, Kirby managed to do – at least initially – a compelling and convicing narration of events. True, the very same idea that some of the Eternals coincided with ancient mythologic figures was drastic, but the rest… the sense of overwhelming mystery, the sensation of man as a mere tiny part of the cosmos Already masterfully evoked when he invented the Kree, anyway, but here it was drastic. The optimism in man, its cosmic role, its destiny, which was present in the Fantastic Four was not there. The Eternals, in their weirdness, had something dramatic and frightening about them. I can’t say that they were “the pillar of creation of super beings" as @Shoomanfoo said: the idea of super-beings have been there since the beginning in the Marvel age. I’d rather say that the Eternals made the concept unfamiliar, in a way for which these beings of immense power were also total strangers. Not such a silly idea as Shooter's Beyonder, rather something more likely, and thus more frightening. Outside the usual confidence in man, salvation, science as a positive means that belonged to the Marvel age.
  13. My experience is that auction dynamics don't work like this. Great auctions with lots of great items attract more quality buyers. Krapola auctions with few items or few quality items generate less buzz and attract fewer quality buyers. It's as simple as that. My impression of the auction market during the last few years is that the pool of money available to chase after books is very deep, and the benefit of being in a hot auction, even though it's filled with books that are competitive with your books, outweighs the risk that bidders' funds will be depleted because there are lots of books competing with yours.
  14. I still don't know if I'm going to bother seeing this theatrically. I'm not feeling it.
  15., best picture is either JOKER or ONCE UPON A TIME...IN HOLLYWOOD. I'd be very happy if one of those takes home the Oscar.
  16. In Hamada we trust to avoid the pitfalls of Kathleen Kennedy to keep this straight.
  17. Ps apparently pages showing Superman using his powers are at a premium or something. So I got telescopic and X Ray vision on this page.
  18. Oh I have to register and stuff-I'm overloaded with websites I'm registered to-I just cant do any more!!
  19. They should have a green with envy emoji! Are you going to bid for the 237 at CLink?
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