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  2. good suggestions Art, but shouldn't you be in the DD thread?!
  3. But you can't contact underbidders on ebay. Bakerfan had to relist it as a BIN. It doesn't say who bought it.
  4. I would have a couple of books for this as well.
  5. Since they expanded their restoration guidelines and recently upgraded their holder and label, it would have been the perfect time for CGC to modify this practice as well. I see it as a missed opportunity. Ah well, what might have been...
  6. Lots of golden age Captain Marvel available Special Edition Comics 1 Whiz Comics Captain Marvel Adventures Some Pedigrees and Highest Graded Young Allies 1 Rangers Comics 26
  7. looks like first bidder back out, second bidder was offer book for less.
  8. what an embarrassment of riches. Disney pulled off the deal of the century at $4BB.
  9. Do you have to request "Best in Set Type" or do you automatically get that award if your Set type is #1 in the Registry? Also, when is that award given out? Thanks in advance!
  10. The forgot to complete black out a few swear words. I did a check online and you can get the recalled edition raw for $20-$30 or a CGC 9.8 for around $100.
  11. Looks like it’s going to be Friday all week in CG!
  12. Think it's safe to say adding a best offer capability is our most-requested feature. We are adding it, and it will be entirely optional--consignors don't have to use it if they don't want to. No definite date yet but we are getting there.
  13. Help a guy out I'm in the home stretch in completing a 9.8 run!
  14. The consignor got back to me. The original price was $999 (which became the $1140 on eBay)--he was not intending to sell at that price, he did that in order to flag that book to himself for further action. He had not realized it was color touched, and was considering having it set aside to be returned to him. He has now lowered the price to $99--I don't think he plans to sell it at that price either, but that's less eye catching than the previous price. Sounds like it'll be removed from his account soon if he decides to have it returned. We do not currently provide a mechanism for a consignor to delist an item because the need to do so hasn't been requested much at all before, and normally if you have something consigned we'd prefer that it be listed rather than not. A workaround is to assign it to an auction and then remove it from auction (before the auction starts). That'll put an item back in an unlisted state.
  15. I’ve been wanting this on MCS for a while now. Hopefully it will happen soon.
  16. CGC finds OP’s books and suddenly OP disappears. Typical.
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