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  2. My top ten are 1, 3, 4, 10, 12,14, 28, 49, 58, 64
  3. Looking back realized this is in GA... Oops.. ok for The Golden would be getting some of my father's comics back after his passing.(will have to start a separate post for them all) I know that they were not high dollar books, however his own original books held a lot of value for me and those who I paid to obtain them.
  4. Avengers #9 a tough copy to grade but I am going to put it right between VG+ and FN-. The gloss and the date stamp are both sweet on this one, but there's vertical reader creases on the front, discoloration dots on Giant-Man's head, a non-color-breaking crease lower left corner, and slight pull at the lower staple on the front side, but it is attached at the back. Also slight dust shadow back cover. A pretty copy of a hot key with an accumulation of minor flaws. $150
  5. Finale tore my heart out and stomped on it. So I went back and started watching the show from the beginning. So many callbacks to S1 in those last few eps. They really brought things full circle. This is a top five show for me. It continually surprises me. It is, dare I say it, magic.
  6. Still looking for a copy to slab, this one’s close but two or three minor issues that might keep it from a 9.8???
  7. Yeah wasn't the happiest with that considering I had the entire left side by the tree to her thigh cut out for him to sign,apparently that was too small. Can't remember for certain but I believe that was it.If you look infront the staples you may notice the little brown marks,it's hard for me to take a pic of it..cover is white so it does show but it's light. Do I have any options then?If they somehow remove the marks,that's a restored/conserved label?
  8. Do anyone know how many copies was printed for Thanos 15 4th print and the virgin cover? Thanks
  9. Avengers #93 FN giant-size issue, start of the Kree-Skrull War, Neal Adams art. $30
  10. It is altogether possible that you're being incredibly dismissive and are failing to consider that quite accidentally, fate may have intervened and dealt you possession of a key piece of evidence and the opportunity of a lifetime to provide evidence for some ground breaking case that has yet to be solved! That hair might be the key to solving a crime! Couldn't happen, you say? Remember, a blue dress, a cigar butt, and a pair of well-worn, heavily stained women's knee pads once almost brought down a King from his throne. Who knows what secrets this hair holds. I'd look into the matter before cavalierly and summarily disposing of it.
  11. That reminds me of the shop owner from when I was a kid. On several visits I spent my entire allowance buying all the Marvel Elfquest reprints out of his bins. Finally one day as I come to the register he says “I have something for you” and goes to the back room. Nobody had ever been back there but the door was always left open and you could see STACKS of comics back there. I always wondered what he was keeping out of the bins and off the walls. He comes out and places a reprint of the WaRP Elfquest #1 in my bag for free. I was super stoked. I had seen the cover in the back of the TPB’s. but never thought I’d own one. Guide was a months allowance at the time, and it’s not like any shop I knew of had it anyway. The first time I saw Elfquest in black and white, which I’ve always been partial to
  12. Avengers #87 origin of the Black Panther. VG+ with good gloss. Held back from Fien range for some foxing and tape pull on the CCA stamp upper right. $35
  13. Maybe (hopefully) it's a typo and should be Regular 28 days, Fast Track 18 days? That would seem to work with the dates you cited for your books.
  14. This thread is reaching we had better call in the Avengers....
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