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  2. Cheers liz. Not much left to scrape out of the pence barrel now, alas. But I'm trying! (I'm very trying)
  3. If by any chance you end up splitting up that lot, I'd be mighty interested in the Western Gunfighters 1, I reckon.
  4. 28 MFT Delivered to CGC 4/2, Shipped Safe 4/19.
  5. MAD is really what turned me from a mere reader to a true collector. Once I realized I wanted to have all of them and actually paid more than cover price, I was hooked and everything spun from that.
  6. I have another order from Montreal that I'm now very suspicious of. Billing address different from shipping address. First time customer, High item book going to Montreal. Credit card payment again. Not shipping this one. Sean Belanger10217 Verville326-2860 Trethewey StMontreal, Qc H3L 3E4 Canada
  7. the key here is the "small amount". Usually if it's not a "small amount" I always require a signature confirmation. Of course anyone at the address can sign it but usually I've had less problems when signature requirement is part of the shipment
  8. And don't even get me started on his EC horror art. Some of my favorite horror issues are because of his unique covers.
  9. Well that’s too bad about the reviews and I guess their box office. I’ll still check it out.
  10. Ironic about the BC #50. Just yesterday I got the usual inquirey from someone about wanting to buy my copy. We live in a world where everything seems to "have a price". A book like that is money in the bank. I would never be able to replace it. Besides, a cornerstone in my PCH collection and the key book in my complete run. How bad do I need mere money? I guess not that bad. I can always sell a lot of lessor books if I did. And, if I were to sell it, don't people realize that I would slab it and send it to auction? I guess one can always try...
  11. When I first noticed ECs, I thought Feldstein wasn't up to part with the other EC artists but then I grew up. Some of my favorite covers and interior art are his - not to mention his wonderful writing.
  12. All of Jeff's collection was incredible. His undercopies that I was fortunate enough to buy are stars in my collection.
  13. And then for the truly elite, here's one that never saw print...
  14. Oh, and how about all the great EC romance books? Here are a few.
  15. I saw the movie yesterday at a matinee, so there's another $9 they can count. I'm a fan of the original movies, and I'm aware of the lengthy history of books available for the past 25 years. As a "casual fan" of Hellboy, I'd say that this movie definitely comes across as a "full reboot" because Broom is back (and a much younger-looking actor). There was lots of information, too quickly, which is in contrast to my recently binge-watching The Umbrella Academy which was lots of information, too slowly. I always prefer "too much info" to "not enough info" but there are unconnected threads to the story which are difficult to follow. Visually, the prior Hellboy movies were superior. I'm not a big fan of "gross out" scenes (Baba Yaga), and the violence of "Hell on Earth" was suddenly gratuitous compared to the rest of the movie. As others have said, there's just a limited audience for this type of movie... and if someone has a budget for "April movie money" they're more likely to see Endgame twice, or Shazam and Endgame, and Hellboy is an "also ran" barely making 3rd place monthly comic movie money.
  16. No discussion of his teenage work would be complete without these as well.
  17. I'm less concerned with the price of submission and more concerned about the max insured value of the different tiers.
  18. Feldstein's teenage work is top of the mark. Nothing else comes close in my opinion. I discovered it a long time ago. I wish there was more but we have to take what he left us. Here is my Junior run. Not all high grade but cheap when I got them. I have slowly over the years upgraded some but with prices being what they are now, I figure I'll just have to be happy with these.
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