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  2. 1. Air Ace V2 #1 (One of the grader's notes: staple detached front cover.)
  3. It seems like only yesterday you were all signing up for this contest. And now, as you begin the first and only round, you've reached the beginning of your journey... and the end of your journey. Or something. Congratulations. Here come the books! -- If you're just joining us, please go to this thread to read the full rules and to sign up. -- There are 11 books in total; all are now in Universal blue label slabs. Once you've graded the raw scans to your satisfaction, send me a PM with your guesses. A compact list of numbers/titles is here for your copying/pasting convenience: -- Once more with feeling: do not use the census for this contest. -- Grades are due by Saturday, February 22 midnight EST. Have fun and good luck!
  4. I figured I would save some money this time around... 4 silver age books shipped Fedex GROUND for 45 bucks DEC 14 and Received 1/2. Yes, 20 days for 45 bucks No insurance purchased either. Economy CCS press and Economy CGC grading about 110 buck per book. Declared value for all 450 buck total. Slow boat to China. Service is expensive and slow IMHO. Tired of reading about modern books taking a month total but hey I am not buying them so what!
  5. Deadline does in the annual accounting for the biggest movies. So when you are spending $100MM on your prints and advertising before you make a single dollar in the theaters (hence it is not "post theatrical") yeah, people are counting it. Having more information and knowing what movies actually cost and when they really do hit profitability is never a bad thing. And regardless of whether you knock the movie for those expenses "post" theatrically, or on the front end when they actually spend it, money spent and lost is money spent and lost. All the rest is just "spinnnnning". -J.
  6. Well said. He did his job and he did it well. It's business.
  7. I ended up finding and calling a customer support number and the type of badge we have hadn’t been processed yet. Will probably get them at the end of the month.
  8. Again with this ? P&A is accounted for in post-theatrical -- nobody counts marketing budgets against a theatrical profitability calculation. 3.0x its known budget theatrical here is sufficient. Also - Hughes himself -- crackhead that he is -- cited marketing for this film at $50 mill., not $90 mill.
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