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  2. I haven't verified yet for myself but I'd heard (some chat board, somehere) that PayPal was doing the same thing, either already implemented or "coming soon". If so, assuming you are an honest seller those fickle customers that return on whim alone are going to be very expensive for sellers!
  3. I always thought it just levitated in the air and moved around by itself, controlling its body parts, something a little bizarre like that? Now they’d probably reimagine the character as a zombie. The title only lasted 4 issues, and so DC wouldn’t have had much opportunity to have a go at them for using Dr Fate, maybe?
  4. Hmm! Nice. I don't usually go for bound volumes but if this had been all pence issues I might have been interested. Still worth consideration though at its current price although it's early days and that is *ahem* bound to change. Are you having a pop? If so I'll stand down. Just off to vote and do some shopping toodle pip.
  5. Correct, except to point out that the minority vocal action here (on the board, by way of comments and votes, this Topic, all Topics) should never be construed to be representative to the majority of comic art collectors and (more importantly) spenders. I didn't know which way this thing would go, and to be fair I probably didn't set it up to be crystal clear to LCD, but I do think the outcome reinforces my previous sentence. For whatever reason, we here are an isolated minority, most obviously by the fact that only a handful (8-10?) 'top' collectors (by piece count, value count, cost basis count, etc) are vocally active. There are more than that, of course: here but silent or not even here, but their opinions and reasoning for their market-moving actions are not made public except possibly as anonymous-type third-party hearsay. I think past those top of the pyramid folks, it's not hard to imagine that all the way down the pyramid, plenty more of the same: vocal minority "here", majority continues to do what they do, silently, and we're not privvy to the whys and wherefores. Does it matter, do their opinions and reasoning matter? Sure. I love picking other collectors brains, challenging my own thoughts and theirs, bringing clarity and new understanding to subjects well-trod but not necessarily well-understood. Anybody else...? Again, enjoyed hearing from Felix's roster re: what/why some artists collect and very much looking forward to the next generation (or two?) of collector thoughts in future podcast/s.
  6. Looking to make a big purchase and so will be selling my Fantastic Four #49 CGC 6.5 with off-white to white pages. Scans will come this afternoon after work. Sold copies I've seen range from $688 for a 6.5 cream to off-white (5/16/19) to $788 for a 6.5 cream to off-white (11/4/18). I'll do $700 for my copy with the better page quality. First gets the book. No HOS. Payment by PayPal within 24hrs. No returns on CGC graded books. Pics will come later today and possibly some other CGC graded books.
  7. I do want to see this as a film. When I watch the story videos that summarize each game, they definitely convey an interesting story to me.
  8. On April 21st Tristan Esteph posted the on three comics I was selling. I closed the thread on April 22nd and send him the invoice the same day. After not receiving an answer, I sent him a reminder on May 7th He contacted me on May 10th, apologizing for the delay and stating he would pay the day after, May 11th. He did not pay and he contacted me again on May 14th asking me if I still have the comics. The same day, May 14th, I tell him that I still have the comics and I am still waiting for the payment. Still no answer, so on May 15th I send him another reminder, asking for payment within 24h. Still no answer from him, so I sent him a new PM on May 18th informing him that if payment is not sent by May 22nd, I will nominate him for the probation list. He did not answer my new PM and he did not pay.
  9. You should be fine then, good score! As @Buzzetta mentioned, the 1995 Classic Edition 4-Pack rereleased Luke along with Vader, Chewie and Solo. If I recall correctly, one leg is marked Kenner China, the other leg says 1995 LFL. They are actually slightly smaller as well. They do appear in auction lots, often not disclosed properly as being a reissued figure.
  10. My wife has the app downloaded on her phone. I think it's great.
  11. Pricing is a challenge and were constantly refining the values but we're working on some things that might help out with that. I always encourage anyone to reach out if there is pricing that seems off bearing in mind that it is true price guidance, not a precise collection evaluation which I explain in another response in this thread
  12. I hope that's not what my expression comes off as but it was the only stillshot I could take that wasn't blurry. I think in the actual video I was motioning toward a Batman snowglobe
  13. That's reasonable conclusion to make but I would look at it from the angle that its more about what was and is missing from the hobby that is connecting with collectors of every experience level. If you are in the group that only sees this as a speculation app then I invite you to spend some time checking it out for what it really is.
  14. We're getting rooted here and then we'll decide where to go next but I've had some conversations. I appreciate you bringing it up. I know less about the market for collectibles like sportscards but would have no trouble building the database and its good to get a feel for how many would find it useful
  15. I appreciate your concerns. Again, speculation is a single digit percentile of what information exists on the app. To your point about artificially inflating prices, you're right, that is a legitimate concern which is why we don't sell comics on the app or personally on the side. There are no conflicts of interest in providing accurate information and we never say someone should buy this or that. There is no advertising or sponsorships that occur on the app unless it is very clear why that is happening. For example, Neal Adams does a giveaway to get attention on Detective 1000 or Alex Ross does a giveaway for Immortal Hulk to create awareness of his blogpost. The valuation comes from ebay sold prices. We focus only on raw books and take a sample of 8-10 recent high grade sales (more if there is a significant disparity in data, eliminating outliers) to come up with an average. Then we pull back on that number by approximately 10%. The app is meant to be an acquisition resource. If someone can negotiate a book for the values listed and later check to see what its sells for, realizing they got a good deal, chances are they'll be energized about the hobby.
  16. That's funny. "You made me go back and look." Then, "experienced collectors don't need the app." You definitely have the wrong idea about the app. I don't think collecting key issues discourages anyone from reading a comic book and I think if they're inclined to read, they're going to do it. I can tell you that I get emails on a daily basis that express how easily Key Collector helped someone get into comics or back into comics. An email I haven't received yet is someone saying it destroyed their love for comics. If young collectors are using the app then its getting them more engaged in the hobby and in doing so, while being in the community or seeing something that piques their curiosity on the app, there's a better possibility they'll put the effort forth to read. There are a lot of categories that focus on the interesting points of a run and there are plans for future features that helps to onboard readers to titles.
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