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  2. Great covers (even if you sneak a copper in there...) I've always liked this one. I'm not putting my copy up as it is a bit beat, this one is nicer:
  3. Oh dear . Extra cost to get it restored. That sucks. What do you mean by first wrap? Thanks !
  4. My wife is a hoarder. Not one which would qualify for the cable TV show but enough to more than get on my nerves. Anytime I'd mention about getting rid of that decades old ever growing pile of old clothes, knick-knacks etc I would get the 'yeah well what about all those comics...". That ended once I got a CGC box back with Hulk 181, FF 48 GSX 1, HOS 92 etc
  5. Yes, it would be a purple label. You would have to get that scraped off, including the first wrap, as the ink bled through.
  6. Oh the torment we put ourselves through. I’ve felt relief at times being out bid. I’ve felt angry at coming up short. I’ve said WTF did I do? after winning a highly contested and costly piece. Seems there can be no pleasure in this game without the excruciating pains that come with it.
  7. Trad Silver Surfer our new market health indicator? These are exciting times.
  8. yes, but it also means they are hard to find variants... and that is what I'm talking about. Ps- I give acrap hahah, that's what we/I'm here for and made this topic look at people's hard to find variants, that they like, and that I do or don't know about.
  9. Thanks for your input. Would that merit a purple label ? If so can that restoration be removed? thanks
  10. Results after another 48 hours of accelerated aging. At this point the untreated piece is showing signs of distress with some wrinkling and at the mid point is now two fold brittle, the treated piece still holding color well and does not crack even at a four fold test. This was also done at the mid point and keep in mind this is the outside edge, which generally ages quicker than the Center area of the book. Back in the heat/humidity torture test, see what another 48 hours gives us, as long as the untreated piece doesn’t catch fire 😁
  11. Marty,.if you were the only owner of that book, then color touch seems impossible.
  12. There are plenty most double digit whiz just haven’t been valuable enough , in the past, to warrant slabbing. I had 35+ raw copies of whiz 22 for example, that has about same number on census ...and I know a ton of folks that had raw copies. so 18 likely very similar.
  13. Look in the 12 cent logo. Looks like an extra staple was added at one time. When removed they probably used a marker to color touch the holes.
  14. Fresh from CGC Today: X-Men #1 CGC .5 Universal Front cover is a color copy. Pages 8,9 & 12 missing, affects story. Back cover re-attached with 2 extra staples added after manufacturing. Incomplete $1,700 Shipped (I will also entertain trades for a golden age Batman #11) High res links: Front Cover Back Cover
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