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  2. I cannot for the life of me find any cgc or the other two grades at all of the walking dead issue 13 cgc 9.8, im bidding on a 9.6 right now but does anyone have a walking dead cgc 9.8 issue 13 with the case in pristine condition???? Please msg me back
  3. Hello Folks Here is your chance to grab some scarce, high grade (Atlas) Rawhide Kid's In the current Comiclink Spring Featured auction. These are beautiful pre-hero Jack Kirby classics. 19 is the single highest graded in the CGC census, 20 is the highest graded in the census tied with one other 8.5 and issue 22 is the scarce classic monster cover and story line. Auction ends 5/29/2019. Good luck Rawhide Kid 19 CGC 9.2 (white) Mass pedigree Single highest graded Rawhide Kid 20 CGC 8.5 Highest graded Rawhide Kid 22 CGC 7.5 Classic Monster cover (good luck finding this in the VF or higher range nowadays)
  4. In that same vein, should we not also assume that the book might be restored? After all, the restoration check is also another thing we are sending the book in for. Needless to say, if it is indeed restored, it would definitely have a significant detrimental impact on the value of the book.
  5. If that’s the case would they offer the book to the next highest bidder or inform the seller it would slip to their next auction or
  6. that's it for tonight plenty more coming tomorrow, planning on starting back up around 6 eastern if I can get started sooner I'll make a post to try and give a heads up. As you can tell by what I've posted tonight it will be all over the board
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