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  2. Please send me a pix. Will negotiate and consult gap etc. thanks
  3. No not graded groups, lot of love for graded books on those. Mostly noticed in Character fan pages. (Which have higher member counts than graded groups) The reason Why I’m posing the question if grading is only cared about in a smaller community than we here think?
  4. Yep, they don't call it the baby boomer generation for nothing. It was only really DC, Fawcett, and Quality who still seemed committed to the superhero genre at this point, with the Superman franchise having actually expanded in 1949 when Superboy started his self-titled comic. I imagine he got even more popular by the time the Adventures of Superman TV show premiered in 1952.
  5. I don’t get many Bugs books anymore but scored this freebee from a great boardie recently. Great read. I forgot how much fun these are.
  6. It's funny, I've always wanted a copy of Funnies on Parade and I've always been surprised how little it goes for when for sale. Still more than I can afford, but seems like it should be worth more as the first comic book.
  7. More or less just curious about the likes, and comments. It does make me wonder though. The differential is noticeable from a nice graded book, and a posted stock image. And it’s just not on my posts. There’s a few in fan groups ( not graded groups) who post graded copies, but never as appreciated seemingly as a posted stock image with watermarks and all. Curious is all...
  8. Missed you Brian. Had my guide all ready for you to pound!
  9. "Yo mama so poor she have to switch stickers at a yard sale"
  10. I’m on a bunch of character fan groups, that’s where I feel the dislike is... Yeah , if you go to Graded groups, they mostly understand. Like CGC comic collectors society - 👍
  11. Geez man, @ 15% it's too reasonable to pass up. Take please. Just need 92 and a real 83 to replace my GRR to complete a JIM-Thor run. : ) Thanks Warren!
  12. A couple cool pickups... A bizarre Frank Paul bare breasted babe SciFi cover & my first Operator #5. It's very intriguing how the stories pre-suppose Axis victories and Allied resistance.
  13. I am am old man, not part of "like" culture. I don't "like" anything on FB because the person I lime may have "liked" something posted by someone who once made a racist post, so that would apparently mean I an a racist too (law of communicative property or something). My wife yelled at me for not liking something and I was all "are you f-ing kidding me???"
  14. Here are my personal observations of the convention: Pros: 1. Bigger dealers room, spacious aisles, very nice hotel. General area is very nice, upscale and clean. 2. Plenty of parking right across the street at the covered garage or some free parking across the street at South Coast Plaza. 3. Quite a few restaurants in the area. 4. If you get bored, head over to South Coast Plaza and see how the ritzy people shop. As an example, there is a store called "Forever Twenty One Hundred". OK, not really, but that isn't too far from the truth. Very nice mall, though. 5. Lot's and lot's of books in the room. I sometimes wonder if SDCC was like this in its heyday. 6. Lot's and lot's of great conversations with fellow boardies. Cons: 1. The room could use more light, but I get the impression it will be corrected for next year. 2. I brought plenty of cash, but it wasn't enough. I guess this isn't Terry's fault.
  15. The folks on the high grade FB page care. I see lots of slabs being bragged about on FB. Which one are you on?
  16. Otoh our annual neighborhood yard sale is generally good for $2-300. This year I hope we are ready for it. Usually I run around like crazy for the hour before we open trying to find stuff.
  17. I guess I’m just wondering if graded comics, outside of this community are appreciated? It seems in Facebook groups every issue is a 9.8 that they own 😆 If I were for Example to post this image.. I would get some likes, and comments praising the collection, and others how they have that set in better/ perfect condition. Waste of money, how do you read them, and some telling other members that liked it, that it would only cost $100 Or less to have one like it or better. 😆 Then this image of a reprinted tpb would be posted soon after.. and get more likes ... Just wondering if the outside of the community world cares about grading, or single issues anymore? As everything is available in digital format, reprints, and TPB Are the days of knowing how to grade, and condition.. Heck even owning individual issues, turning not important these days? Just wondering if we’re a smaller group than I thought is all.
  18. You're looking at this the wrong way. That 9.8 IH 181 will PAY for your kids' college, because it can only go up up up!
  19. So what would you guys say are your favorite features from Planet Comics? Its features included: The Lost World Star Pirate Auro Lord of Jupiter Space Rangers Flint Baker Mysta of the Moon Gale Allen and the Girl Squadron Futura Norge Benson The Red Comet Reef Ryan Mars, God of War
  20. I get the people offering 25 cents for an item marked $2 that is an unopened $20 item. Or being sneaky... My wife sold vintage costume jewelry. Each item was in a clear bag with a marked price. Guy comes, takes them all out of their bags, making it impossible for me to figure it out, and then asks how much, and is offering about 10% of what they had been priced, so 50 cents for thing she had marked $5"that would be $25 in a store. But yeah, I love the 25 cent offers, as if I desperately need 25 cents. Some of it is cultural I guess given that I live in a melting pot.
  21. I count 55 romance comics, including 9 western romance books, and only 16 costumed/masked hero books. A sad time to be a 12 year old boy.
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