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  2. @dena Hello Dena Is there any chance we could have a greater range of emojis please? I know that users can add emojis from elsewhere, your tablet / phone etc, but I find that in time the board software stops translating them, and they turn into question marks. The boards own range is quite limited. Could you show us a list of others? Maybe we could vote on them. Or have members forward suggestions. In this possible? Cheers, Steve
  3. I, witness... In HORROR.. A very scary cover Odd cover isn't it. New to me, I saw it on eBay recently. The faces in the background seem competent - great even. But the central Superman image? What on Earth / Krypton....?
  4. That goes back to our points about getting what you pay for. They don't have time. I sent one such mail once and the mod did a detailed reply and noted that it had taken them 2 hours to construct it. They aren't actually as technically competent with the board software as we are, as they don't use it. So the mod was annoyed, as I'd effectively wiped his day out. We shared replies, each time with me making what I thought were clear and a factually accurate points in support of my case and the mod each time would gloss over those points. So it was a waste of both our times on that occasion. On the flip side, I have had points overturned. I have always had mixed feelings about this subject. One day I don't give a damn, the next I feel that sense of moral indignation. One day I'm on the mods side - let's face it, what a job, moderating us lot - the next I want to scream when moderation actions blatantly 'fail' (in my opinion of course). Online is no different to real life. If a guy upsets you in the pub, you react, however calm and dignified you may be. If the guy on the phone at the company who has mucked you about won't listen to reason, it drives you nuts. And you react. So that's why some of the most prolific boardies, and me, are here in this thread discussing a topic which some might say we should all get lives over. I have humped the button about three of four times in the two and a bit years I've been here. Two were retaliatory, and two were to test the process. I felt petty each time. So its not something I think I'll ever do again. Until we get a full time admin person on here, who can add the value I outlined in earlier posts, we're stuck with this system. So best we get on with it. The resource isn't equipped to assess each button hump in a contextual way. The rules are clear enough, so if the mod sees they've been broken they'll likely act. They don't have time to say "oh, it's greggy, so that's an in joke". They probably don't know who greggy is even. Who does? The main issue with the process as I see it is that it is inherently unfair. As I said earlier, if person A masks swearing ten times, and no one reports, they get away with it. If person B swears once, and gets reported, they get moderated. So it is possible to get someone banned by reporting their every transgression. Hence people like lizards2 starting to back away for fear of a total ban. Lizards2 is a great, long time poster here. It would be a sad day indeed if he were banned. And others like him. So the mods need to look for the patterns, to see if people are being 'ganged up on'. But they don't have time, do they. And admin, in the main, fail to intervene preferring instead to put their faith in the process. The cheap, poorly conceived, inaccurately administered, unfair process. So to conclude, the only way to improve things is to ramp up the resource. Hence my suggestion of an annual fee to pay for a full time administrator who's sole focus is to make this place as fair and effective as it can be. It'll never happen of course, as who aspires to excellence nowadays, when the bare minimum gets them by? And if a few valued contributors fall foul, hey, it's a chat forum. No one died.
  5. No it doesn't seem strange. The notion that it is "ludicrous" is way overstating things. It's a comic book, not the Manhattan Project. As for conveying the work to the artist, do you really think Marvel or DC are going to spend time reaching out to all of the potential shops and cover artists even as stories might change as they're writing them. I'm not sure if you ever worked for a "real" company but businesses do not operate that way. Never have and never will. Of all the things to complain about the comic world, which jumped the shark over a decade ago, that would be way down on my list of things to worry about. Candidly, I don't really read any new comics. Lots of people don't but want to book for cover art. It is the only thing one sees when it is bagged and boarded and immensely important. I'm not sure why you are extending this to society in general. You sound like a tired old guy talking about the "good old days." Nothing is more tiresome on the internet.
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  7. Yep. The 'new' process as it is laid down isn't followed, and never has been, and the admin team display no interest in that when it is put to them. For the reasons we've all already pointed out, probably. I commented on this earlier. I did a change request or whatever they were called when the new boards went live to have an appeals channel opened up for that very reason. You can't request a moderation review until after your suspension ends. Good job we don't have the death penalty here isn't it! Arch did respond to it, to be fair, but still declined to pursue it.
  8. So, the cover has nothing to do with the book and that doesn't seem strange? We've jumped the shark as a hobby and it's indicative of society in general. I'm not arguing with you. Just pointing out how ludicrous things have become. And on your point, it's not hard for someone to convey to the artist what the story is about.
  9. Please Dufresne, sorry, refrain from all the Shawshank references.
  10. Fantastic Four #1 cgc 4.5 Restored 1st Fantastic Four $6499 obo BACK COVER:
  11. Ricksneatstuff has exactly what you're looking for in his sales thread from this weekend. Regards, Joshua
  12. Detective Comics #61 cgc 2.0 1st Batplane cover $550 BACK COVER:
  13. By the way...wanna know what IS singled out by the 1991 Updates? Not broken out, but singled out? Amazing #312 - Hobgoblin appearance Because, in 1991, Hobgoblin was the #1 Spidey villain. It was madness. ASM #238 was rivaling New Mutants #87 for hottest "modern" back issue. Venom had to wait a bit more....
  14. Homecoming was an amazing movie, and Holland has been my favorite Spider-Man so far. Looking forward to this very much, and the stills look great.
  15. I know. I have a pretty good idea who it was though. And I gave the sisters a pack of cigarettes each to pay him a visit when they get out.
  16. I spent seven days in the hole because of that post. And there's no such thing as easy time in the hole. Get busy living or get busy dying.
  17. I don't think the vampire tales were ever sold invidually unless I am missing something? He has kept that set together for years now
  18. There is another topic where a board member suggested since they have 0 feedback and PayPal puts a hold on money to new users that these are more of an attempt to gain personal information rather than money.
  19. These eBay seller scams are not limited to China. They are also Hong Kong. They are any comics from Golden Age to Modern. All have 0 feedback. Here is an example of one currently listed with pictures of the original listing they swiped the pictures from as well as the scam item.
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