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  2. I've noticed some other dealers bringing their con stock in these plastic boxes and I'm considering doing the same. All that loading and unloading takes a toll on cardboard.
  3. Just like the first episode of almost every season before this one. I was expecting it to be like this, but at least this one tied up more loose ends than it created unlike previous season premieres. Which you would expect given that this is the end.
  4. OK, I'm in the right thread now... Yesterday..... I like to think this very copy was the inspiration for the New 52 series... Today...... They all have their faults but present well.....
  5. I'll run for office in 2024. One of my platforms will be to heavily punish those involved in art-related crimes (including comic books). Do I have your vote?
  6. Bad experiences with Vince at Metro and CC dating back to 2011. The first time he offered to purchase a book from me over the phone via a picture When he received it he said he didn’t look closely enough at the picture and was turning it down he already had it in his possession and I was out shopping and handeling so he offered to buy it at a reduced price The second time I sold a book to him there were no issues with getting the agreed upon price but when I sold the book it was slabbed and when it went up for sale it had been cracked out if it’s slab and given a higher grade on their site My third and final time was the worst of all I’ll just leave it at that
  7. an mlj issue #6 to an mlj issue #7
  8. I'll just be happy to see another lightsaber duel for the 1st time in 4 years (thanks Johnson)...
  9. Looking for Humberto Ramos Spider-Man related covers and splashes. Especially interested in this end splash from ASM 700. Please PM me if any leads. Will pay finder's fee if results in a sale. Thanks, P
  10. The single biggest hint that JJ dropped for this in Force Awakens was Leia hugging Rey the very first time she saw her. Why would she do that if she didn't feel some kinship to her? The scene makes NO sense unless Leia already knows who Rey is since they were strangers up until that moment as far as Rey or the audience knows. The fact that we also see Leia hugging Rey in this trailer seems to pick right back up with that same thread Abrams left lying around in the first film. Same goes for Kylo's intense interest in her in Force Awakens. From the moment that First Order commander tells Kylo that a girl helped BB-8 escape from Jakku he's oddly interested in who the girl is. He's an obsessive guy so that could explain it, but that scene, too, along with all of his ongoing fondness for her makes far more sense if he's already aware of Rey for whatever reason, perhaps because they're both descendants of his idol, Anakin.
  11. This is getting worse daily. Almost every other one now is a scam from China. I've reported so many of them but I'm switching to only north america in my search now.
  12. I agree with the mob, one active thread per section. Is this worth a vote, or does it look like a landslide?
  13. Any information concerning the current owner would be appreciated. I will throw in a $500 finders fee if it leads to the purchase of the page. Thanks
  14. I had the same thing happen yesterday... tried to print a label, and it said I hadn't completed the address, even the first name LOL. Tried it three times. Then closed out Firefox, opened Chrome, and entered the label no problem. FYI.
  15. Yea, Fox not renewing it means nothing for whether or not it moves to Disney. I just assume NOTHING will move to Disney in its current form and that the television shows will try to fit in with whatever Feige does with the MCU. Deciding what to do with Gifted is almost certainly on hold until they figure the rest out. I rather doubt any Marvel television shows get decided upon until they see how the planned MCU film character television shows do. If any do it'd likely be Daredevil or Punisher first.
  16. Just a bit obvious, predictable, commercial, that this sales-boosting trope would turn up again, sooner or later, in something else X-Men related by Liefeld.
  17. Again, he should have put a chainsaw in the van with the comics.
  18. If I submit a book I think is a 9.8 and it comes back a 9.6, I want to know why.
  19. It must mean something to the modern guys, because I looked, and IDGAF
  20. I have not done a ton of business with Metro/ComicConnect, but my results have been mixed. My first few purchases from Metro were great. The grading was spot-on, with one or two even undergraded by at least a point. The prices were great on all! However, my next purchase was a mess. One comic had a detached cover (not disclosed), another had a rip that went through the entire book (the listing disclosed the rip as being on the front cover only), and another book they called a Fine had multiple stains on the front and back covers. They did offer a refund, but I had purchased them as a gift, and they arrived just in time. I'm more of a stickler on condition than the recipient, so I let it slide. More recently, I had a negative interaction with a rep from ComicConnect after their recent auction ended. I won't get into the whole thing here (I already posted in another section), but a slab arrived cracked. It is a small crack, but I'd expect a purchase of several thousand dollars to arrive undamaged. I'm not sure if the packaging was the cause, but the three slabs I purchased arrived stacked together, with just a bit of brown wrapping paper between the slabs and the box in which they were shipped. When I brought the cracked slab to the attention of the CC rep, he replied in a very unprofessional and sarcastic manner. I sent a letter to Stephen Fishler to inform him of this employee, Brandon Peck's, very strange and unprofessional response. Stephen Fishler responded and asked when I could chat. That was two weeks ago. I replied twice with my phone number, and he has yet to respond. My experiences (at least so far) with Heritage and CLink have been much better. Perhaps they do not have the same cache as far as Golden Age, but they are much more professional and responsive when it comes to customer concerns.
  21. We all have to work toward goals. Even as the female-led superhero runner-up.
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