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  2. Comics General - 2002-2019 RIP
  3. I keep thinking someone will remove the temptation of these wonderful Atlas war books, ...
  4. Hey Comicdey, How about 150.00 for the paper? LMK Thanks man ☺️👍
  5. People are buying trades nowadays. My lcs is stocks $10k+ in tpb’s. Times are changing. All I have to do to read the entire Infinity Gauntlet story arc right now is to maximize my Marvel Unlimited tab and have at it. The story is alive, it’s just being digested in a different way.
  6. who knows? there was no internet back then, so leaked photos, or studio promotion images weren't as easy to see as today. But there could have been crossover between movie people and comics artists, and Adams may have been made aware of "that" look or seen sketches. (quite a few comics artists WERE hired as sketch artists for movies around then) Neil was always good at using reference in his work. I once believed he could draw from his head like photographic memory, truth is after years of commercial artwork assignments (storyboards etc) he learned how to draw stuff from years of using reference materials. Who knows what magazines he had in his photo morgue! Theres absolutely nothing wrong with it!
  7. Everyone knows it's WINDY.....
  8. Just think abt the first issue 9.9 of that!!!!
  9. All my books are mint. One could say they were never touched by human hands and we're bagged and boarded and hoarded at time of purchase by my great grandfather that bought multiple copies of x-Force 1 and now I inherited. Isn't that the grade some use on E-Bay today 😜🤪
  10. Hello, Looking for a Centered, White, Newsstand, 9.8 copy of the comic above. PM offers. Thx!
  11. It takes the eye of an eagle and the heart of a dandylion-
  12. It takes an eagle eye, to spot a 9.9 candidate-
  13. To slab or not to slab-that is the question.
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