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  2. Wish I could gig on it. Buddy says it's cake. While at work he said he, "Explores one end of the Internet to the other" cause he's so bored. Good cash, too which I could spend with you Roy if your contact can hook me up. Money for me = money for you! M And BTW Byrd is real, too. Paul Leary (guitarist for the Butthole Surfers among other accomplishments) is a big fan and writes about Byrd often. Wish I knew as much about comics as I do in the worthless I do
  3. TALES OF SUSPENSE # 38 - Marvel 1963 This is the last pre-hero issue for this title. A beautiful full color copy with supple ow/w pgs. Structurally, a solid VF+ book. But, there is some lt. staining to lower rt. corners of 14 interior pages. To me, it does not distract from what is a gorgeous book for your PH collection. $450.00
  4. TAT for moderns has been mostly 30 business days... With fast track days... Edit but ya prices went up across the board 1-2 years ago... been a minute...
  5. ASM 58 VF- Another one with nice white pages EDIT I am not really sure why the pages aren't showing up as white on the pics as when I have it in hand. Not sure if its a shadow or what but this one does have really nice pages. $50
  6. The dc lawsuit was a gimmic. That's all this title needed to get off track Its entirely possible. So you are saying the book will hold value?
  7. One more great Romita Sig series ASM #65 in CGC 9.2 OW/W pages, from my personal collection. As with all books from my personal collection, this item has NOT been pressed so there is potential to bump this up to a 9.4 or possibly higher. Here's the image of the book:
  8. I am pretty new to the hobby, but my understanding is that this has been extensively done for years. Many years.
  9. I do know someone that works on Judge Judy. She's nice to the crew ( ) and mean as to both the plaintiffs and defendants. ( )!! As far as the "reality" of said show, man we'd have to start defining terms and just get way off topic of what seemed to be (besides Bob Storms) a really, really lame looking con. As bad as the one in Dubai and no "cheeks."
  10. LARS OF MARS # 10 - Ziff-Davis 1951 Painted cover with M. Anderson art Exc. colors with ow/w pgs. 1/4" lower sp. split, lt/mod. sp. wear, some lt. general creasing edges fc. 1/4" tear bc. lt. foxing bc. VG/VG+ $ 200.00
  11. One guy got really angry with me once and I found out that even if you block him he can still continue to message you until the listing has ended. So... I ended the listing early and relisted it. Another guy though, he got angry and we went back and forth until he wrote back that one of my comments actually made him laugh and then next thing I know we are trading drink recipes and BBQ hints for cooking fish despite no transaction ever being made.
  12. PICTORIAL ROMANCES # 22 - ST JOHN 1953 Baker C/A Mod. sp. wear, chipping along upper edge fc, migration st. lower staple bc and through several interior pgs. Moisture st. lower edge bc. Tough issue, one of the last St John romance books I was able to obtain. Call it VG-- $300.00
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