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  2. No HOSer or Probation folks please. <----- my feedback thread is in my profile. Payment by PayPal G&S or Check/Money Order. First in the thread supersedes PM negotiations. No return on graded books, raw books returns are OK within seven days if in the same condition. Price includes shipping USPS Priority Mail within the USA. Canadian and Int'l buyers, please PM me first.
  3. So as general guidelines Yes, split the difference for "split grades". Split grades being gd/vg, vg/fn, fn/vf For + and - (like say VG-) there is no real guideline. Many including myself add or subtract 10% If a book only has a listing in the price guide at the 9.2 price, what that means is it rarely has value as a collectible in lesser grades. When books are cheap in NM, no collector really wants a less than NM copy. So the book that is $4 is in OPG at 9.2 and lists no other price is essentially a reading copy in any lower grade. Books that comic book stores typically have in their .50 cent or one dollar boxes. So yes, list such books as no more than a buck. Collectinsure doesn't really require anything except you keep a list. OPG is as probably the best overall guide for raw books to estimate value for insurance purposes. For slabbed books GPA would be better. The only requirement I'm aware of is that you have to provide to GPA a list of any single book valued above a certain threshold. When I first signed up years ago that threshold was $5,000. I believe it is now $25,000. You can do this online under "scheduled items".
  4. Now 10% OFF. $900 for the pair. Books will be moved tomorrow morning to another selling venue
  5. And the ironic part? We move in to this new home as I make the decision to start reducing my collection, so I have no need of all that space lol. However, as I'm reducing my comic book collection, I'm increasing my vintage Marvel poster collection, so wall space is the premium; I now have 18 pieces.
  6. Fantastic Four Annual #1, putting this at a 1.0. A real beater, but complete and unrestored. Some tape on backside of front cover. Origin of sub-mariner, and first SA appearance of lady dorma. This is an undervalued book that appears to finally be getting some well deserved attention. I love it... Price: $75
  7. you tell your buyers of those blue labels that the book inside the slab is trimmed? The topic becomes what it becomes and there is nothing confusing me here. The CCS restoration removal books are very obvious. Changing a trimmed book to trick a grading company to get a blue label is not obvious. Provide a link to your thread, since I am invited to do so I will read it.
  8. Not sure if this counts as the “others comics” are just earlier issues - 1,9,12 - from the same title.
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